carmel apple pork--redux + q view

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    so i did some baby backs just to tweak on carmel apple rcp and try my hand at some pics

    standard memphis rub on the left maple smoke house on the right and of course chicken is a good side dish for ribs.

    smoked apple/pecan 3-2-1

    pic turned out blurry? but  carmel apple got:

    layer of brown sugar

    apple slices

    home made apple sauce

    stick of real butter

    wrap put back in for 2 hrs. pull out ribs put back for 1 hr

    put goodies from tin foil  in a big pan and add:


    more brown sugar

    apple juice

    apple sauce/ or not , just to thickn

    cook it till you get a thick carmel style syrp

    cut up ribs, or not, pour over apples and sauce. thats a 8in chefs knife for scale. make shure to have something to sop up the left over apple goodness on your plate
  2. Whoa! Looks soooo goood!
  3. waterinholebrew

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    Nice, looks tasty Thumbs Up. WHB

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