Canadian Bacon on my gas grill

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by smokinhusker, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. My other half loves Canadian Bacon and when a friend brought up that he makes it all the time (he has 3 smokers), I could see the light go on. I found this forum and followed Bearcarver's boneless smoked pork chops post, except I smoked the half loin on my gas grill, using charcoal and apple wood!

    It came out awesome and the Mr couldn't stand it any longer and bought the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smokehouse last weekend!!!!

    Here's a pic of the finished loin (sorry if it's not so clear but I took it with my phone).[​IMG]
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    Nice, did you slice it yet, how did it taste off the grill?
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    Now I would also like to see some sliced pics. It almost looks like it isn't even cooked to me. More Q-view please.
  4. [​IMG]

    Took this with my phone and I do not take good pics at all with it. Sorry it's blurry but here's the smoked chops I sliced from it.

    The internal temp was 170 after 6.5 hours. It was every bit as good as the one a friend of ours smoked for us only he didn't take it to as high an internal temp, so I had to fry it.

    This was great in tossed salads and on pizza as well as on breakfast sammies.

    I did find a photo on my phone after I sliced it but I can't get it to upload. It's also a bit blurry but if I can get it uploaded I'll post it.
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    Looks real good, Husker!

    Next time try to get us a pic or two of it sliced.

    It makes the drool flow better!


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    Ya, and because of it, im single handedly keeping the computer companies afloat in this economy by constantly having to replace drool covered keyboards!

    Thanks SMF!
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    Looks Good...

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