Camp Chef Apex 24/36 (combo pellet & propane grill)

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Oct 27, 2022
Cedar Creek, TX
I was curious if anyone out there has a Camp Chef Apex 24/36 pellet and propane grill. I currently don't have a pellet grill, but if my current propane grill "bites it," I thought this might be interesting to add the pellet capability. Has anyone seen/used one of these grills? Comments? Thoughts?

PG36HGGT_Hero_LQ.jpg PG24HGGT_Hero_LQ.jpg

Thanks in advance!
I wonder if there is any protection preventing a flare-up from getting into the pellet hopper? It's a nice idea and looks good.

Yes, the price point is a strong deterrent. Ignoring that, has anyone seen, used or own one? Any comments (excluding the price)?

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