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  1. B

    Camp Chef Woodwind 36" For Sale in Indiana

    Looking to find a new home for my Camp Chef 36" Woodwind with Side Kick. It is not the newer "Pro" version. This has the sidekick burner with flat top. You can get the flat top very hot, which is great for searing food coming out of the smoker, or for cooking up some veggies and such. I got it...
  2. B

    Camp Chef Woodwind 36 Conversion??

    The new Woodwind Pro with the wood burner seems to be the answer to getting smoke flavor to meat as I get very little from my Woodwind. Two questions: 1) is there something I can use to burn wood in my WW? 2) Is there a way to trade in my WW for a WW Pro. I've asked Camp Chef these questions --...
  3. DinnerIsComing

    Camp Chef Apex 24/36 (combo pellet & propane grill)

    I was curious if anyone out there has a Camp Chef Apex 24/36 pellet and propane grill. I currently don't have a pellet grill, but if my current propane grill "bites it," I thought this might be interesting to add the pellet capability. Has anyone seen/used one of these grills? Comments...
  4. C

    Spatchcock Chicken on the Camp Chef

    Super easy and always impresses. Sprayed with a little duck fat spray and seasoned with garlic poultry seasoning or your favorite rub. High smoke on the Camp Chef until internal temp hits 150 degrees, then removed and rested for 15 minutes while the Camp Chef cranked up to 450. Put back in at...
  5. C

    2" Thick Porterhouse on the Camp Chef

    Reverse sear. Brought up to 110 on the Camp Chef set to high smoke, let rest for 15 minutes, brushed some melted ghee on and seared on a scorching flat top. Starting to get the hang of this lol
  6. M

    Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault vs Masterbuilt 40 inch ThermoTemp XL vs OTHERS?

    I am new to smoke products. I grew up on propane and as a new home owner, I only own a 36" Blackstone Griddle and want to get into cooking more food at home; using just a griddle isn't enough. I LOVE smoked flavored foods, so I have been really looking into vertical smokers. I still intend on...
  7. C

    Pellet Griller in NYC

    My Camp Chef and I look forward to showing y'all some of what we do here in the city
  8. M

    Camp Chef Woodwind 36 - New never used $1150 OBO

    Good morning everyone! I have a Brand New Camp Chef Woodwind 36 for sale. It has been assembled but never fired up. Even have a bag of Traeger gourmet blend to go with it. It is located in Parker CO. Local pickup only as it would be a bear to ship. Asking $1150 OBO If you would like additional...
  9. M

    Help with Camp Chef Woodwind app

    Hello, New to the forum so please be patient with me if I am doing this wrong. I have the Camp Chef app on my iPhone and hat the grill connected via bluetooth and the grill connected to my wifi. I have used it several times but have 2 questions: 1) should I have to add the grill to the app...
  10. markadams

    New Camp Chef Owner

    After smoking on a traditionaI stick burner for several years, just bought a Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 36" with side sear box. For the experienced Camp Chef smokers, what is the best way to season the Woodwind? I haven't yet explored the controls of the WiFi, so I have a lot to learn. Any...
  11. J

    Camp chef vertical - water pan

    Hello everyone - first time posting, looking forward to sharing with the group. Just ordered the Camp chef XXL wifi vertical pellet smoker. Already planning my first few cooks, so excited! Looking at the pics online and user manual, doesn't appear this rig comes with a water pan. Anyone have...
  12. saltysandman

    where do you buy your wood pellets?

    hi all, i love my pellet grill. only real complaint is the pellet comsumption. i smoke a lot. looking for a good vendor for good pellets. any recommendations?
  13. coog61

    Camp chef turning off

    2 yo Camp Chef STX keeps turning off during warmup then back on. Thoughts?
  14. pne123

    Sear box on a Traeger

    Wow, I have not posted in 9 yrs... anyway, I have a 20 yr old Traeger bbq100 deluxe. I have updated the electronics and it still works but has an issue reaching 350f unless the weather is perfect. I use my 15 yr old weber to sear and grill. I was thinking of replacing both with a large...
  15. chapper

    Pellet Grill Advice

    I’m looking to purchase a pellet grill due to frustration with temperature swings on my Masterbuilt propane smoker. I’ve done a lot of modifications to the smoker that were suggested in various forums to help with temp swings; however, I still feel like I have to constantly babysit the smoker...
  16. T

    Should I be concerned about oil coating?

    I just bought my first pellet grill (Camp Chef SmokerPro SG) and when I was unpacking the contents of the box and assembling the grill I found some of the bags and the inside bottom of the grill coated with some type of oil that smelled petroleum based. Is this normal? I wiped as much of it away...
  17. S

    Camp chef PG24SG vs PG24ZG (Dick's Sporting Goods)

    Does anyone know the differences in these models? The "ZG" model is not listed on the Camp Chef Site and the only clear differences I can see is the legs and the warranty (1Y instead of 3). Does that mean it's built with a thinner metal or cheaper material? I've been doing tons of research and...
  18. B

    Pit Boss versus Camp Chef

    Hey all, First post here. Been debating a pellet grill. Not looking to spend a ton. Have it narrowed down to Pit Boss classic 700 Or the Cabela's (made by camp chef) Cabela's seems like a heavier made product but I can't escape thinking that pit...
  19. BandCollector

    Camp Chef Woodwind on the way

    After reading Jeff's review and doing my own research on this pellet smoker I was convinced this one is for me. I've smoked with various smokers for many years and this one almost seems like cheating. Cant Wait!!