Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by valien, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. love my smoke hollow. have smoked jerky, ribs, pork butts, brisket, wild turkey breast, chicken etc. always works well. my kids came up from texas and said it was the best brisket ever, :)
  2. I am also a happy owner of a SH 44.  I also use an 18 inch tube, I was wondering what length tube other SH owners are using and where you place them in your smoker.
  3. concretebob

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    I purchased a 44" back in August of 2013 and I love the capacity. I replaced the factory water pan with a large steam tray to catch alll the drippings. The stock pan just wasn't big enough. I'm having problems with the burners, though. Full tank of propane but the burners act as if they are not getting enough fuel. Anyone ever have the burner just go out for no reason? The first time it happened, I forgot to vent the cabinet before hitting the switch. Uh uh, no arm hair, singed the brows a bit. Rookie mistake.

    I smoke pork loin and chicken in large quantities for various events. I run a non-profit catering company that provides services to non-profit Veterans Service Organizations in the form of meals for their activities and fund-raising events. We also hold our own events at military medical facilities on specific days, (i.e Patriot's Day; Thanksgiving) is our website. Fans of Cooking with the Troops is our Facebook page.

    We spent the past weekend at the Amicalola State Park Lodge in Dawsonville GA with Warrior Hike, providing them lunch and dinner for their hiker orientation meeting. Warrior Hike takes the phrase "Walk It Off" to a whole new level. These veterans, (mostly OIF and OEF, with some Gulf1 and Viet Nam), commit to a 6 month thru hike of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. We supported them for the first time last year and have now signed on as official sponsors for the 2014 Class of Hikers. and Warrior Hike on Facebook.
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    I use a 12" tube.  I place it in different places depending on the weather, what type of pellets I'm using, etc.  It seems to be a little different with every smoke but mostly I use one burner and place the tube on the opposite side.
    It's always been too much air flow (wind) or too little air flow (shut off vents) that have made mine go out.
  5. johnmully

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    I'm new to forum. I have used a masterbuilt electric smoker for years and managed at 3 places that used Southern Pride smokers and I used them alot. I just recently bought the 44" with the glass door from Sams Club. Shipping was quick, 3days I'm in Ks so that's why and I had no issues with it, some paint chipping but its fine. I have done one smoke in it which was 6 pork butts I was using for work (food service director at college). Didn't turn out good at all until after I baked it for 2 hours at work. 10hrs at what I thought was 225 med on 1 burner and the butts were 150 and two full trays of applewood and the butts had very little smoke to them. I loaded another then I figured the chimney was letting too much out so I covered in foil leaving 1/4 open for 1.5hrs it looked good but as far as heat goes it was 60ish degrees out gentle breeze and I haven't checked the therm to see if it is accurate yet. I was sensing more of a lack of heat/heat loss and smoke loss. I also didn't soak chips or line anything (cleanup is fun). I think it used up a lot of propane too can't tell how much cuz I didn't get a gauge yet. Also like everybody else I did see smoke  leaking around doors. So my questions to everyone that owns one of these are,

    1. Do I need to modify the flues for more air or less (I had both as closed as they can which is 1/4 open on the sides) or is this even an issue?

    2. Do I need to modify/restrict the chimney as to not let out all the heat/smoke? I think they should have made it adjustable to or I guess I could drill hole through top cap use a long bolt and fab a spinable disc that adjust to cover the hole inside about a quarter to half way, or the openings in the chimney

    Also I have ordered a maverick digital dual wireless therm, the gasket, and high temp rtv to seal.

    Ordered the cover and 2 regular racks cuz the jerkey rack is a pain to clean

    also thought of this mod for it which is a file cabinet dolley for moving this big sumb!tch around that is the perfect size (expands to 30, 36, 42 in by up to 24in width) may need a small mod as the smoker is 24.5 wide and it has 2 locking wheels doesn't list weight cap but feedback I read says made for 5 drawer loaded file cabinets so my guess 300lb+

    So I plan to spot spray paint the chipped paint on handles, put the seal on doors, sealant on the seams, get that valve (an a gauge) for the line to control gas better and will run the chip burner on super low for smoke and the other for temp control if need be. I will use this beast again next week after all the mods and leave updates. I don't want to buy the smoke tube until I see this isn't capable of great smoke. Anything I'm missing or tips and ideas?
  6. johgre078

    johgre078 Smoke Blower

    I have the same one and the only mod I'm making is putting roxul on the back, sides, and top. I am not concerned with leaks. Do not trust the gauge for temp. Get the maverick and don't look back. I run with the side vents about 1/2 to 2/3 RDS open and leave top vent open. I have not been able to keep my chips or chunks from burning so bought a tube from Tod at amazing and have not had problems since. Hope this helps you. I love mine.

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  7. jaxrmrjmr

    jaxrmrjmr Smoking Fanatic

    I agree with johgre078 with this.  Don't trust the thermometer in the door - mine came spot on, but many didn't.  Smoke tube is the best thing I've done.
  8. demosthenes9

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    John, I've had absolutely no trouble with heat loss or smoke loss.  Not saying that they don't occur, it's just not been a problem.  meats have had plenty of smoke and smoker has put out plenty of heat.   If anything, it's a bit of work to get the smoker down to 225 if it's not loaded up with a ton of food. 

    Like Jax, I'm also running with an AMNTS tube smoker and a Maverick probe.    Tube smoker is just due to laziness as I just have to fill it once or twice instead of adding new chips/chunks every 45 minutes.
  9. aland

    aland Fire Starter

    I have the #8-44" SH and an 18" and 12" TBS. Also have the pellet smoker tray and I think the TBS beats the tray. The Tube wins hands down! I love it! It's one mammajamma! Todd is the greatest! What a world this would be if all companies took care of their customers like Todd does. As far as sealing the SH up, I contacted a company, that was in Tulsa but moved to Phoenix, that sold rolls of BGE gasket. The man I talked to had me send him the measurements I needed and sold me scrap strips they had laying around for $20 as opposed to a roll for $40. 
  10. johnmully

    johnmully Newbie

    I ordered nomex gasket 1/2" x 1/8" self adhesive 15' cost $16 on amazon
    Thank-you now I know what Roxul is! That stuff looks amazing lol. As far as the venting the bottom of mine below each burner has a hole about 4" in diameter with a small lip upward so as to not let leak out. So 2 holes I assume for air. So why are they even there if the side vents are there? Would it hurt if those were covered in say foil when I line the bottom for less cleanup? SO after 1 smoke of 6 butts which was 10+ hrs at what should have been 225 1 burner on medium I burned up a lot of propane I think 3/4 of a tank is gone, the meat wasn't done pork 150 temped and not smoked well. So I'm deducing that there's heat loss, and the chips burnt up from the flame being too high. Maybe I needed a wind block or something it was breezy and low 60ish. Most of you on here are talking of using a super low flame and had I done that they would have been raw still. I will try the tube thing after a couple more trys of perfecting this. Thanks
  11. aland

    aland Fire Starter

    Hey John, I don't know what you got going but as far as a windbreak, I use a fire blanket(welders blanket) but my 44" is in the car shed out of the wind. I usually use only 1 burner. Check Harbor for the blanket. Do Not buy at a welding supply as you will pay way too much.

    Alan D
  12. johgre078

    johgre078 Smoke Blower

    When it's windy you will use more propane. That's why I'm using the roxul.

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  13. johgre078

    johgre078 Smoke Blower

    Sorry to cut that so short, had someone come to the door. My first butt was done in very cold and windy and I used almost a tank of propane. Since then I've found that wind sucks the heat out. I decided against the welding blanket and started to look for insulation and found the roxul. I will try to post pictures when I get it done. Grainier has 24" x 48" for $6.00 ea. so I bought 4 pieces. My thought is that I should be able to save on propane and get more even heat no matter what the weather throws at me.

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  14. demosthenes9

    demosthenes9 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I think I'm seeing what the problem is John.   I don't think 1 burner on medium is going to have the chamber at 225 when you have 6 cold Boston Butts in it.   That's a lot of thermal mass absorbing the heat.       When I smoke that much, I dial the temp up at the start, and then lower it down as the smoke progresses.    Thermo on the door might have read 225 or whatever, but I seriously doubt that your grate temps were that high where the butts were.
  15. 42firewalker

    42firewalker Newbie

    Love this smoker a real upgrade from my charbroil - charcoal fired smoker. Found the dual burners to be awesome, was able to load both chip boxes before stating smoker use one burner till it chips ran out switch over to other burner. I have had it about a month already done 2 pork butts(8 lbs each) 3 racks of baby backs all in smoker at one time with a 3 more shelves for drip pans and potatoes in foil later. That was about a 9 hr smoke (cheated a little at end foiled butts) Have also double smoked 2 10 lbs hams, again only use one shelf. And last weekend did 4 racks of ribs, have a little smoke leakage around door. Still on first bottle of propane.

  16. johnmully

    johnmully Newbie

    Thanks a bunch! I watched the youtube video on roxul and that stuff is amazing! I will try using it. I was wonder though how would you attach/adhere it to the sides and back? Would/could you use Velcro so its not a permanent thing because I'm envisioning it as not too aesthetically pleasing.  Or would you just spray paint the roxul to make it black?  lol 
    I have used smokers before and have smoked 60+ butts at a time at 225 for 10-12hrs the thermal  mass didn't play a part in this as the butts were room temp. If they were frozen yes tat would make a difference. My issue was them being under, from heat loss and way too much propane used. I'm sure now that the wind played a major part, it was breezy and 50-60. The wind blowing underneath played the factor I believe since there are 2 holes in the bottom. I need to wind block next time. After I get all my fixes done I will smoke some butts again and make a second judgment and fixes. Thanks for all the comments and ideas
  17. demosthenes9

    demosthenes9 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You're welcome John, only trying to help.   I've had the Smoke Hollow 44 for a year now and have already done 20+ smokes with it.   Mine has two holes in the bottom of it just like yours and I have smoked on plenty of 60 degree days with gentle breezes and a number of days that were both windier and colder.    For the record, I'm running my SH44 stock with no added insulation, no gaskets or RTV sealing any of the leaks, no needle valve and no wind break.   In all those smokes, I never ran into the issue that you had, hence, my belief that something else is at play here.

    If I might ask some details about your smoke.  What was the temp reading on the door just before you put the butts on ?   How far did the temp drop when you put the butts in ?  Roughly how long did it take for the thermo reading to come back to where it had been  before you loaded the butts?  Did you make any changes with the gas dials during the cook?

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  18. johgre078

    johgre078 Smoke Blower

    I'm planning on using Aluminum flashing to hold and cover the roxul by pop riveting and of course forming with a brake.  That way if I ever want to remove or replace the roxul all I have to do is drill out pop rivets.  I will post pictures when I finish.

  19. I use an expanded metal tray that I built to hold the the wood in one spot, 
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  20. I have one it will not smoke at a low temp. it is electric. Other wise i like it 200 is the lowest it will smoke at.

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