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    This is an on going adventure and immediately shows why you should never attempt to smoke a butt using a clock. I got 29 hours total on an 11 lb. butt. But I am getting ahead of myself.

    Butts were on sale so I bought a pack. I should have bought more but the freezers are full and trying to make room for the next white shrimp season... What can I say?


    Oh BTW this all is transpiring about 4:00 PM, I do low and slow, I figure when I put it in today, it will be ready fairly close the next day. Its not exact but its close and I am not cooking on the clock, don't need it tille Satrurday lunch. No stress here.

    Hereeeees the butt, about 11 pounds. Tied up nicely too!

    Here's the rub.

    Here's the cheaters ( which will be used later in the story).

    Because its such a long smoke, I start out a little different than normal.

    First I preheated the smoker to 275, then I threw in the butt, left the door on latch and the vent 100% open.

    While its in there, I fill and light the AMPs with hickory and apple (bad choice because of the weather, it just would not stay lit. My mistake not AMPs). Gave it a 30 min burn in. Then its into the smoker at about an hour into the smoke.

    To make the chronological logging of this simple, when the butt went in I set the timmer for 24 hours so when you see something like below,

    You know its an hour into the smoke (23:07 on the timer, and the IT of the Butt is 93 degrees F) This is because we are now closing out my drying cycle. Did I need to do this? Probably not. But it started that butt off at a good start.

    Now its the 1 hour picture and you'll note the AMPs chugging right along. At this point, I dropped the box temp to 215 degrees which I had just checked to verify with the Maverick. My box is 2 to 3 degrees plus or minus of set, I can live with that. Even if ya know, its good to check before a long run. I also probed the butt at this point.

    I got to say thats a pretty butt.

    Moving right along......

    4 hours in, and 143 IT

    Nice smoke arising........

    I went in and forgot about it..


    I slept in, I need not check a firebox or look thur the smokers window. The butt is happy and its doesn't need my help.

    Thats right its 11:00 AM. BTW the stall hit at 157 and hung for 6+ hours last night. I went to bed and didn't worry though.

    So you can see, its........

    216 degrees, stupid mavchine I am gonna send it back!! I programed 215!

    And the BUTT?

    You can't see it, but below the drip pan is the AMP's it only ran one line. It was raining storming big time, really big time yesterday and last night the pellets didn't like it. It happens. I relit it. And I added another 10 degrees to the smoker box , thats right with a public school education I knew it should be...........

    Back inside to start other things.

    So we'll need buns, I do light bread rolls, buns, and loaf bread. Its my go to dough. In advance.... I'll warn you, gooey dough, flour, kneading are not conducive to taking pictures.

    If the recipe is not on this prior thread and you want it, just let me know, will galdly share anything here you'd like.

    OK, flour sugar shortening egg honey and a coupole a drops of yellow food color so the bread is more apealling.

    Mix mix mix, knead knead knead.... roll it up, and roll it up, and throw it in the pan!

    Wheres that dang picture of the bowl?

    I was dehydrating so I needed a glass of juice.

    Lets check that butt.... Pictures right?

    And the time?

    Only 51 mins left of the 24 hours, gonna add some time, I think 4 hours maybe?

    Just keeping ya in the loop cause inquiring minds want to know! And knowing is half the battle...No, no, I just can't say it.

    Back in the house bunch down and amd make some buns.

    Ok, atwo years ago when I first made buns for pulled pork I used the recipe to make a dozen, they were monsters! Then I made the same recipe and made 18. This time I keep talking about pulled pork sliders and how smaller buns are the way to go. Well I didn't need 'em but thought I would try 2 dozen out the same recipe. Now think about that first dozen....LOL

    While rising, I I like slaw with my pulled pork, on;t had a small partial head left from St.Paddiys of cabbage....... as always added a bit of carrot and a few raisins. I am not a purest. I made this a sweet slaw cause I know thats what my Baby Sis likes.

    Thats not a lot of slaw so I decided to use some brocolli and cauliflower when are stinking up the reefer...Pew!

    I love that grinder!

    A spicy twanging slaw.   I like it!

    I am going to close this page and start anew, the server is getting cranky about the amount I am posting.  Don't go away, I have a new idea I tryed on those buns and I like it!

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    I took a tinkle and got a nonwatered down drink and ready to go again......

    New bun idea...... I have ruined untold amounts of dough by accidently punching 'em down when attempting to brush an egg wash on 'em. If you are dealing with a really light dough its easy. You know me, why not try the harder stuff...LOL I looked on the counter and saw a little atomizer I had used for something else and wondered about ... Hmmmmm.... why not try. I whisked an egg and milk together, strained it into the atomizer. I misted the buns with the wash and it worked GREAT! Well almost a few I got carried away spraying wanting to ensure enough to hold the seasame seeds, they burnt on the bottom from the bake off. <Shrugs> Others are fine.

    Let me get a better picture.......

    Look at that, I was so proud of myself .....  Then out of the oven.....

    Well we started running out of time again, so I added another 4 hours when it had an hour on it. Trust me no picture......

    You know the butt didn't take as long as this thread is to type..... Oh! The butt.

    I am going to see how good my math still is here.

    24 - 1 + 4 - 1 + 4 - 2 = 28 hours? LOL You can never count on a butt being on time. My last 10 lb butt hit 203 in only 13 hours I believe, same smoker, same cooking temps and techniques. Pigs can't tell time! I will always attempt to cook a butt ahead of time! No clock no stress!

    Thats 4:00 PM on the 16th, to 8:30 PM on the 17th

    I brought it in, let it rest uncovered on the counter while I had yet another thing to make...........

    That is an empty and terribly sad bottle of JJ's Finsihing sauce with a little apple cider & honey (cause I like it that way!)

    Pulled the pork, (I am no longer hungry BTW)

    Sorry greasy hands can not take pictures. I could either pull and sample or take pictures.... what would you do?

    Its all in the reefer now or boxed up for tomorrow. I have one thing left. I had a thought awhile back of something I remember as a kid at my grandma's and I haven't really seen or heard much about it in awhile. So I'll be trying to make an oldie... and it will no doubt chili dip on me but I wanta try.....

    See yas tomorrow.

    EDIT:: I mean, See yas later today.........
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    Foam my friend, that post was enjoyable entertaining!  Now, time for me to get off the thing and go to sleep. 
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    :drool Awesome thread! I'll be waiting :popcorn
  5. foamheart

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    Good morning sunshine! Sleep? Sleep? We don't need no stinking sleep.

    Thank you...... The coffee is brewing and I have an appointment in the kitchen. Wish you was here, that's some good coffee, an unattended spoon will stand up in it. None of that old hydraulic oil for me, this is crank case oil!!
  6. noboundaries

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    Ah Foam, I'd love to be there, break bread and share a cup with you.  My coffee is so black NASA thought I had a black hole device in my kitchen. 

    Time for my first sip.  [​IMG]  Okay, I'm waking up! 
  7. foamheart

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    Thank you sir.
  8. welshrarebit

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    Everything looks tasty and as usual a very entertaining thread!
  9. foamheart

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    Ok, I warmed up the Pulled pork, added a touch of finishing sauce, BBQ sauce and apple juice. Buttered and toasted the buns. Slaw, chips and some bread & butter pickles. Of course they are home made. Oh yeah...... Desert!

    Who knows what this is?

    Well of course you all knew, I was hoping the fine family crystal would confuse you all but you are just too learned for me.

    When I was a kid, every church gathering, cover dish suppers is what the Methodists call 'em, every family reunion ( I would always look for Aunt Eva she'd bring a big  punch bowl full of it, and somethimes at holiday meals we'd see it. But I have not seen it in a gazillion years and though of it a few months ago.

    So here's the Bear view....... I threw in some chips to balance it all out.

    Oh... the desert? Fruit Ambrosia! Think back to your childhood days and there is a memory of it somewhere.

    I whip heavy whipping cream, I add in some plain Yuogart (so I can say its healthy), Fruits: Mandrin orange slices, Pineapple, Marachino cherries, Coconut, Large red graps (halfed), add some toasted nuts if ya like and some baby marshmallows. The secret to ambrosia is to get all the juice off the fruit before folding them in. I just also added a bit , maybe a Tablespoon of jello when whipping the heavy cream. You can't tell its there but it helps the whipped cream hold it set. I used strawberry flavor because I seem to be out of peach.

    I have loads of pulled pork left, will be making some tamales and gonna try it in boudin.

    And thats it. Its just a sandwich, but its so much more when done right. AND..... try some fruit ambrosia, you can use fresh fruit or even cans of fruit salad. Its easy and its something you just don't see anymore. Remember it has yogurt so its healthy food!
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    :bravo: :2thumbs: :77: I am so not worthy of this thread! Everything looks fantastic!!
  11. chef willie

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    way to go Foam....another winner winner PP dinner....great job on everything.....Willie
  12. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice , Kevin . Enjoyed the post .

    Have fun and . . . 
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    Awesome thread Foam!  Everything looks delicious.  As you state, a boston butt has no sense of time.  I put mine on at midnight and 15 hours later it was at 201.  I needed it for dinner so it's wrapped and resting right now.  It was only 7 lbs.

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    Looks great as usualThumbs Up
  15. bearcarver

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    Awesome Thread, Foamy!![​IMG]-----------------[​IMG]

    We were just talking about putting detail in our threads lately, but I think including when you took a Tinkle is "Over-The Top"!![​IMG]  [​IMG]

    Beautiful Job on the Butt, and everything else!![​IMG]

    Thanks for the Laughs Too!![​IMG]

  16. foamheart

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    LOL.... it sure takes up a lot of band width. I am still not sure saying, "Here is the bear view, its done as this last one was but with the following exceptions" which either did or did not work out and why.

    When ever I read your posts I think of an old friend in the service. I don't know who or what you are, heck you could be a girly girl from New Jersy. But I always see him when I read a post of yours. He was an American Somoan and would block out the sun at noon when approaching. He was a great guy, of course had he not been, he'd have been shipped out.

    So everytime I read your post it reminds me of him. Thats a great thing, You seem the same as him.

    Small difference he couldn't cook, but he could sure eat!  LOL We were told that we would have to pay an addituional amount at the pizza place's all you could eat night.
  17. foamheart

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    Thank you sir, wish I could share. Oh and by the way, I spend a few weeks up in your neck of the woods many moons ago. It was amazingly beautiful. I really liked it.
  18. foamheart

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    Its just too easy, it takes time but no effort. I had two at lunch as if I ever thought of opening up and selling BBQ. I told 'em it was just a good sauce that did it all.
    You are still the wisest I have met my friend. It's all about patience.
  19. foamheart

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    Thats why Its such a good thing that pulled pork actually benifits from sitting in the reefer with fiinishing sauce for a day or more before eatting.

    I bet yours was every bit as good as mine........ and thats saying alot..LOL

    Its too easy for me to just always smoke low and slow and 24 hours fis a good estimate, todays shocked me almost as much as the last one that was only 13 hours. Its all magic to me.
  20. foamheart

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    Thank you sir, it was mighty tastee.

    And that ambrosia brought back memories. Its really easy, and I can't remember ever hearding anyone say they didn't like it. Whats not to like, sweet cream and fruit? LOL.. I have to tell on myself, I pulled out a can of whipped cream and started to top the jars with whipped cream.... LOL Then realized how silly that was.
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