Building and holding temp for a long smoke in an offset smoker

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Apr 19, 2016
Wichita, Kansas
I have a thread going on here

That I have completed the Q-View smoke and have a legit question at the bottom. The Thread views have slowed, I dot want to start double threads but want to draw attention to my post.

Short story ..

In new Yoder Wichita Loaded it too me a long time to get temp to 300 then after 2 hours my coals were gone. Luckily pork loin was done but no way I could have pulled off a long smoke 

What did I do wrong?

I feel like I am double posting but I have rolled a Q-View post into a question and fear it may be overlooked
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Practice...practice....always pay attention to your coal bed. Don't let your splits burn too far down before placing a couple more. Pre-heat splits to keep the heat up and allow the new splits to ignite quickly. Other than that, practice....practice.

Good heat and fire management is a slow learning curve, but is a lot of fun. And very satisfying when you realize that you've arrived.

Good luck with your journey, Joe. :grilling_smilie:
As Joe said, you must keep your coal bed going.

I start my offset with a chimney of lit KBB.

Then add one large split to the fire.

Let it burn down for about 1/2 hour & the smoker will be up to temp.

At that point you may want to add a smaller split or not.

It just depends on the coal bed.

It will take a few smokes to get it figured out, but it will come.

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