Buffalo Wild Wings law suit

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All just stupid but compared to some of the other frivolous lawsuits I have seen recently, this one might have a case.

Only went there one and never actually got to try the food. Grabbed a table right before kickoff and left at halftime because the server never got to us. She was too busy talking to her friends. We let the girl who seated us know as we left for the bar across the street.
Some idiot is suing Buffalo Wild Wings for false advertising because there boneless wings are made with breast meat and not wing meat!
Absolutely not a Buffalo Wild Wings fan, but that's just dumb. These frivolous lawsuits cost us all in the long run. If these people would work as hard at a real job as they do trying to cheat and steal, they'd be millionaires.
I've eaten there once. That was once too many.
Yep, me too...
The truly sad crime being committed here that no one is doing anything about is they cut the wings in half and sell them as 2......
Well most people would consider chicken breast an upgrade from a chicken wing (or half wing) but businesses don't like to assume. I notice lately KFC always asks before they give you their normal substitutions, which have always been a plus-up (IMO) in the customer's favor.

So I'll rule in the guy's favor..."you thought you were getting $10 of wonderful wings and instead you got those awful breasts, which must be only 10% the value of wings so yes, you are owed $9. But you'll need to pay everyone's court costs to get it"...and that should knock this stuff off quick.
Where the legal system really goes off the rails is they'll award punitive damages on something like this...as though they need to be punished for giving you a better grade of meat.
Think of it this way:
Cost of national advertising campaign highlighting use of breast meat in boneless wings. $2-3M
Cost of filing suit that attracts national media coverage with huge word of mouth attention in threads like this: $400-600.
...attracts national media coverage with huge word of mouth attention...
As they say in Hollywood, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Unfortunately that seems to apply everyplace lately.
Things have sure changed in the last decade or so.
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