Buffalo Wild Wings law suit

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Meat Mopper
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Nov 24, 2019
i am sure some of you have seen this on the internet! Some idiot is suing Buffalo Wild Wings for false advertising because there boneless wings are made with breast meat and not wing meat! He is seeking damages. What damages? He is also seeking punitive damages ! What the hell? What financial damage was caused to him? What respectfull lawyer would file this? What judge would allow this to happen ? Reminds me when that lady sued McDonald’s because she spilled coffee on herself and the coffee was to hot! And she won! Absolutely insane! Personally I hope they drag this case out creating massive cost then find in favor of Buffalo Wild Wings! Then make the idiot pay all court cost and all of Buffalo Wild Wings legal fees! Our system is broken!
by the way Buffalo Wild wing says there wings contain no Buffalo and there hamburgers contain no ham ! Just venting I guess! Wondering what other people think of this?
Somebody looking for loose change, often times company's will settle to cut down on the bad advertisement and cost of defending them self's. silly world we have let take over , I blame it on the left coast BIDK
I saw that the other day and shook my head. First off, Buffalo wild wings sucks but I've never felt the need to sue them for something so silly. Here's a quote... “Had Plaintiff and other consumers known that the Products are not actually chicken wings, they would have paid less for them, or would not have purchased them at all,” the suit continues. “Therefore, Plaintiff and consumers have suffered injury in fact, as a result of Defendants’ deceptive practices.”

Not only is this guy looking for free money, he's an idiot on top of it all.
I don’t like bdubs either. But this made me so mad when I heard it. If any judge in their right mind would rule in their favor they should be fired. This is what’s wrong with the world now.
I agree the lawsuit is total BS, just a money grab. I had Buffalo Wild Wings once a year or two ago, never again.

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Holy crap, you got to be kidding me! LOL this world has gone nuts!

I either make my own wings or go to a place in Wellsburg, WV called Drovers Inn. Kinda a hole in wall place but beautiful, historic building that wings, service and owned by one guy for about 25 years now or so. Makes own sauces from bbq to Hurt Me.
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Hopefully, the attorney that filed the suit will be sanctioned for filing a frivolous case. The OP nailed it when asking “what damages?”.
Just some douchebag seeing an opportunity to hit the lottery. Too many lazy jerks in the world these days looking to find a way of getting something for nothing.

And lots of lawyers out there with enough greed and no morals who’d jump at this chance.

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Reminds me of the idiot who sued Pepsi to get a Harrier jet. He lost.
And those wings do suck.
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