Buck Board Bacon aka BBB, Back Bacon, Butt Bacon. Whatever you call it, it's Good !!

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gary s

Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jan 6, 2011
After seeing several post about BBB, and me being out for a while I decided to make some.
Pork Butts were on several weeks ago for $.98 lb. So I picked up a few. The first one went for Sausage "Which I posted" the second went for pulled pork "I did not Post" and the thirs one I halved, part went for Pork Roast the rest for my BBB.
John, (Bearcarver) along with a few others got me into curing and sausage making) Thank you. Here is a link to Bearcarvers Step by Step on Buckboard
Here are some Pics Of mine

I had 8 Vac Seal Bags with 12 slices in each one. The sample I did
OMG this stuff is good. I saved out some for supper, and I need to go pick some Turnips and greens for supper (That will go good with the BBB

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You my friend are definitely a master of the pit controlling the temp like that.
Glad to see you making some post. I hope ya sent a package up to me with your son LOL
Looks tasty, I never heard of bbb ùntil I joined smf, now it's the only type of bacon I make.
That sir, looks beautiful! Enjoy it while it lasts! It seems to just vaporize into thin air in short order. Big like!
Looks real good Gary. I do have Bear's step by step and plan on that soon.


Looks like you have a variety of smoker choices
Looks great, Gary!
I was going to use Bears recipe, but decided to try an Old Fashioned method of pure Salt and Brown Sugar cure.
Boy howdy, it came out tasty! A bit salty for me, but I'm sensitive to salt since being on my low sodium diet for the past 8 years. I can taste it a lot better.
I have all the fixens to build a new pot of Dutch's Wicked Beans, and now, Home Made BACON to add. :rolleyes:
We both like the taste of this first Home made bacon, so I'm cooling it to stiffen it up and going to slice it up.
I Apple Wood sm00ked mine with Applewood pellets made into dust. Good Stuff, Maynard!
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Wow, Gary, just amazing. I also never heard of BBB till just now. My own plan for next year is to buy some pork belly from Costco and smoke and slice my own bacon.
I to Love to do Pork Belly Bacon Just can't find bellies at a decent price around here

And Thanks Guys

Thing of beauty right there. Excellent Job!!!

Point for sure.
That's just Freaking Beautiful, Gary!!
Nice Job!!
Reminds me --- I gotta get some BBB out of my freezer!!

Thanks Guys Much Appreciated

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