Bristket Slicing Tips

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Smoke Blower
Oct 27, 2011
Timbuctu, Mali
If you smoke your brisket till it's probe test tender, it won't so much matter how you slice it!!

No need to separate the point/deckle from the flat, then cut the point in half and all that too much work and trouble.

Just start on the thin end (flat) cut it shortways across! Keep cutting all the way through the whole thing!

Come on down to Central Texas where all the brisket kings are. watch them pull it off the smoker and slice it. Coopers, Salt Lick, County Line, Railroad, Franklin, Rudy's, Smitty's, Kreuz, etc.... Some of them may trim off that fatty goodness, but they just slice it. If you ask for lean, they cut form the thin flat end. If you ask for moist, you get it cut from the thick point and flat combined end.

All that other hogwash is for some fancy supposed to show off your knife/meat knowledge skills for some competition.

Even ask Myron Mixon, he did a spot and said the meat he cooks for home eating gets cooked, cut, seasoned WAYYYY different from all that competition stuff!!

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