Bristket Slicing Tips

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Jul 7, 2005
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A couple of weeks back I did a brisket for some sammiches. Finally got around to uploading the camera to ImageShack.

Brisket in the Smoker- You can see a couple to toothpicks protuding from the left edge of the brisket. Shows which way the grain is running.

Brisket after foiling-Just before the brisket was foiled, I removed the toothpicks from the edge of the brisket and stuck them into the top of brisket (one toothpick is visible in the top center of the brisket).

Brisket was refrigerated over night then reheated the next day in 250 degree oven until internal temps reached 160 degress. Being sliced by hand (really need to get a slicer!)

Sliced and ready to eat! Bring on the rolls, cheese and au jus!

Sorry-no pics of the finished product-too busy eating!! :mrgreen:
That sure is a fine looking brisket Dutch. You can sure tell you have logged some time behind a knife. Those are more uniform slices than I seem to ever get. I slice by hand too, but cheat with an electric knife.
That looks delicious Dutch.

I like the toothpick idea, I will keep that in mind. I plan on doing my first brisket real soon.

Nice looking brisket Dutch. Slices look like you don't need a slicer.
Nice even cutting! 8)

However, when I'm cooking 6 or more I sure wish I had a slicer.
Nice looking smoke ring on that nice and juicey brisket Dutch, I haven't had the time to any smoking lately.. thanks for sharing the pics .. interesting concept using the tooth picks as well .. You have out done yourself.

verrry nice looking brisket dutch. how long did you cook it before foiling. and thats some good looking bark too, i can get my briskets to stand stiill that long to ne able to cut them that nice, thanx for the pics,
I don't get it either.
I know you need to cut against the grain, but how do the toothpicks help?
Buzz and Jamie, the toothpicks show you the orentaion of the grain. Once you have applied your rub and smoked the brisket, the toothpicks will remind you which way the grain runs. The toothpicks aren't really neccesary, but if you flip the brisket end for end during the smoke it easy to forget which way the grain is going.

SALBAJE GATO- The brisket was at 165* when I foiled it-about 5 hours into the smoke.

Everything came together so well with this brisket smoke (even if it was a flat :roll: ) I've been asking myself why did I wait so long before doing this one. The others that I have done were good but this was the best, I figure it must of been all that practice with them butts and ribs. :D
Thanks Dutch,

However i am still not understanding why this is important. most of the briskets i have picked up the grain runs the same way. not to mention i do not understand why this is important.

i have seen how others have cut their briskets and just cut mine the same, or so i thought. is there different cutting styles and im not understanding?
Buzz, true, the grain of the brisket runs is supposed to run in one direction. I have smoked a brisket in which the grain pattern shifted about 20 degrees from which it started. It's not important to use the toothpicks as indicators for which way the grain is running. It's just a tip and a trick that I use and thought that I would share.
thanx dutch for the tip on toothpicks, i have never cooked a flat and usually cook the whole brisket, and i have noticed that the grain changes a lot, so if i were to use your tip, i will have toothpicks going in a few directions. thanx again.wildcat
Sure looked good Dutch. I can't wait until tomorrow when I get to smoke again. This place always makes me hungry! Great pictures.

I like the toothpick idea - when I got done with my brisket it took me two tries to find the grain right and about half way through it changed direction.


Cutting the meat along the grain can make the meat stringy and hard to chew. It also allows the moisture to drain from the meat more.

Cutting it across the grain makes short strands of meat fibers and makes it easier to chew and holds or absorbs moisture better so it tastes better.

with the grain _______ you get long fibers to bite through and it blocks moisture absorbtion.

across the grain lllllllll you get short fibers and it acts like a sponge and wicks moisture.

Hope that helps.


Great looking piece of meat.... any left to share... LOL, just thought I would ask....

I hijacked the toothpick idea... works great. My feeble mind seems to loose which way the grain goes, and that sure helps. I have had them look like they were one way, and actually be the opposite.... that makes a tough slice of meat....

Thanks again for the tip.

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