Brisket Prep

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Mar 28, 2022
I am getting ready to do a whole brisket on my pellet smoker for the first time and have a question about getting it ready for the pit.

Can I trim and season it the night before I am going to put it on the pit? So like after dinner I would prep the brisket and get up at like 5am light the pit and once its up to temp toss the brisket on.

Any feedback would help.



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May 12, 2018
Agree 100% with all above. The 1 time I didn't season the night before, was not too good. Lacking flavor, etc.


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Jul 27, 2021
I trim and preseason the night before. Wake up in time to make the doughnuts start coffee. Hit it with my binder and rub on one side and let it setup. Pour cup of coffee and go start grill. Then go do other side of brisket. Another cup and go watch smoker heat up. Then hit it with a final coarse rub and on the grill it goes around 5:30. Then it's up to the brisket to tell me when it's done and ready for a long hot rest.


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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
You have the info you need , but here's one warming up on the counter after being seasoned and held in the fridge over night . You can see the moisture was drawn to the surface , mixed with the seasonings , then re-absorbed . I normally use 50 / 50 black pepper and course salt , but this is Canadian steak seasoning from Trade East .
Also , I wrap in plastic so the moisture stays with the meat .