Brisket, pork ribs, a fatty, ABTs

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
Got a packer today, just a hair over 10-lbs (10.08 if I remember right). Got two slabs of Kansas City trimmed spares also. They should have been $2.97/lb, some were marked at $2.48/lb. Got two dozen ABTs stuffed with ColbyJack cheese, and a Sage fatty. All in the smoker right now. Put the ABTs and fatty in at 8 pm. Got the brisket and ribs in at 8:30. Tomorrow I am making a batch of wicked beans. Should be a great supper tomorrow! Qview tomorrow when it is done. Got the mesquite smoke going. Smells so good.
Sounds Great Chris.. Looking Forward to the Qview...
Here are some teasers. :)

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Just foiled the ribs, added some apple juice with teriyaki sauce in it. Put the temp probe in the brisket- it is reading 164°.
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Teaser, oh I mean Chris. I love abt's and ribs and brisket and fatties. I do envy you right now. All I did was some dumb ole yard birds.

Good Luck!!!, Ill be back in the mornin' for some Qview. 
Here are the ribs, sliced up. I had to take a few test tastes. :) These are stacked in the foil pan. The bottom right corner they are not stacked. They are just thicker ribs in that corner.


Brisket pics tomorrow!
Nice looking grub there. This may be a dumb question but I was told I can ask them here. Your other post you said eibs? I'm lost

Never mind I just figured out it was a typo error. I was sitting here thinking is this some kind of acronym I didnt know................
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Here is the brisket shots, finally! Sliced flat and shredded point. Of course I removed all the fat from the shredded point. Gonna make some shredded beef enchiladas from some of the point.


Everything looks delicious Chris! You must have had company over, cause I know you couldn't eat all that grub by yourself. Bet they enjoyed your effort!
I had a couple of friends over, my oldest son; and my daughter lives with me. I am taking the rest to work tonight, and I saved some of the shredded brisket for some enchiladas this week.
It was! Tender too. Buddy at work devoured what I took for us to eat there. He loved the ribs too. Actually, there was 3 of us at work eating the ribs. The other guy tore them up.
Thanks y'all! David, a fatty is great. Simple too! A brisket is not too bad. Just takes a long time. I love beef, so I usually smoke briskets. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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