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Discussion in 'Beef' started by maloff28, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. maloff28

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    Made the 2 hour round trip to pick up a 16.8 LB packer cut brisket.  Yes... it drives me crazy that I have to drive that far, but central Florida is a desert when it comes to butchers/meat markets and for some reason, Sams and Costco do not carry packers cuts here. Anyway... on the the Q-View.

    Out of the package and cleaned up.  About 15.5 Lbs trimmed.

    Rub Applied

    Rested and ready.

    Into the smoker, with apple wood.

    6 hours in.

    Chopped up the point for burnt ends.  Some midwest folks have told me that I cut them too big.  The meat was just falling apart.  If i cut them any smaller, I would have just had shreds.

    Ah... Now that's better.

    Flat, rested and ready for slicing.

    Pretty tender and pretty tasty.  For a big boy, this cooked fairly fast.  it was at 205 after about 12.5 hours.  I put it in at about 3 AM and took it out to rest at about 3.30 PM.

    I tend to get some fires in my MES chip tray.  I backed off significantly on the amount of chips i put in and i know this is a major source of controversy, but I did not soak them.  It worked out pretty well, but I still managed to get a fire or two.

    Seriously considering changing to a WSM or perhaps checking out the AMAZ-N.  When I went to the AMAZ-N site, it said you can only use it up to 180 degrees.  Is that right?

    Anyway... back to the brisket.... after eating the burnt ends made from the point, I am really not sure why anyone would eat the flat!!
  2. A long haul for a piece of meat, but it looks like the trip was well worth it! [​IMG]
  3. seenred

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    Hey Maloff, first off, that's a nice lookin' brisket!  And the burnt ends are makin' my mouth water!

    Your question about the A-Maze-N, I don't own the original dust burner, but I believe it is designed mostly for cold smoking.  For hot smoking, you want the pellet smoker (AMNPS) or the tube smoker (AMNTS).  I've had an AMNPS for quite a while and would never use anything else.  For hot smokes up to 275* or higher, it will produce a steady thin blue smoke for hours and hours.  Give Todd (tjohnson), the owner of A-Maze-N, a holler and he'll advise you on the best fit for your needs.  He's a good guy who will work hard to get you satisfied.
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  4. maloff28

    maloff28 Smoke Blower

    Thank you I will reach out to Todd.  Still considering the WSM, maybe I'll do both!  I love the ease of the electric, but i think the bark and smoke ring are calling!   Something about the heat from fire vs. that little heating element.

  5. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    I know what you mean.  The food out of my MES tastes great, but you can't beat the bark produced by a wood fire.  This is why I have put a pellet smoker on my wish list.
  6. austinl

    austinl Smoking Fanatic

    lol, don't tell chef jimmy that.  ;)      "its the pitmaster not the pit"     I'll bet that two hour drive makes that brisket taste even better.
  7. austinl

    austinl Smoking Fanatic

    There is no such thing as too many smokers, if they get used.   :)
  8. maloff28

    maloff28 Smoke Blower

    AustinL I couldn't agree more. However, My over stuffed garage may be offering another opinion!
  9.  Hah! I know that problem well...two-and-a-half car garage, and can't even fit one of the cars in it right now. Time for me to get a second shed! (Might be nice to set up an area in the yard dedicated to smoking/grilling...and eating!)
  10. maloff28

    maloff28 Smoke Blower

    Manchester Bob, no basements here in Florida + 2 car garage makes for a big storage challenge! We can get one car in, but that is all. Big mistake on our part not insisting on a 3 car garage.
  11. dandiele

    dandiele Fire Starter

    We just got the wsm and love it!
  12. What is an MES or WSM?
  13. Up here in Wisconsin we can buy brisket at Super Walmart, Have not seen any at Sam's here either.
  14. I live in Orlando, there are three Sam's club stores here, only one carries the packers all the time, it is the one on the east side of town. Even at that they are not very big, it seems 12 lbs is about it, those run around $2.56 lb and they sell flats for $4.29 lb.. Last November I went to see my mom in Texas and got 2 cases at Sam's there, and brought them back in a small freezer in my pick up. They had all I wanted, the cases were 12-15 lb size and at the case price I saved like $.40 per pound. Now that's a long drive for some good brisket!
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  15. vohr55

    vohr55 Newbie

    I also live in Central FL - in Wildwood, next to Leesburg. Where did you get that great looking brisket???


  16. bearcarver

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    Great looking Brisket & burnt ends!!!

    That statement on "only good up to 180 degrees" must have been referring to the AMNS (Dust only).

    The AMNS with sawdust is Awesome up to 180 degrees, and sometimes up to 200, but above that the burning sawdust can jump through to the next lane of dust, and sometimes consume the whole maze.

    That is why Todd designed the AMNPS, with the double walls. By loading it with pellets you can use it up the the highest temperature an MES can get to (275 or more), without any problems for up to 11 continuous hours, without touching it.

  17. maloff28

    maloff28 Smoke Blower

    Rodcrafter... I have nothing more to complain about... that indeed was a looonnggg drive for brisket!
  18. maloff28

    maloff28 Smoke Blower

    Petty's in Longwood.  It is a really nice market.  I plan on going back to get some pork belly.  I came across a recipe for bacon that I just have to try.

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