Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition

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    my first smoke on my new btmle. Home made smoked chili, kabobs and chicken thighs
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  2. cheese head

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    anyone having good temps without using  Convection Plates ? I tried to make some but temps were off by 50*  
  3. I have that same unit. Made a convection plate the day I bought it and now about 15 deg. Difference side to side. There are some good links on here for mods. Also check you tube, think convection plate is a must for this unit.
  4. Also saw pics of your plate on previous page, if you haven't done so yet, you may want to try drilling some holes in it. Smaller holes near firebox then increase in size as you move down towards the stack. Might help, just my thoughts. Up to you. Good luck!
  5. That design isn't going to work. It isn't "baffling" the flow, it's blocking it. As was mentioned, you need to provide a series of holes for the heat to access the upper part of the chamber.

    Further, the end up against the firebox inlet appears to be almost closing it off. That isn't going to allow the gases/heat proper access to the chamber. You need to have the plate mounted on a much shallower angle more like this (red line):

    By way of example, before I figured out a permanent solution, I used two of the cook chamber's lower charcoal grates wrapped in HD aluminum foil punctured with holes and it worked great. Here:

    I now use flat style, double-thick cookie sheets I purchased from Target to accomplish the same thing. I punctured a hole at two of the corners and suspended the sheet from the cook rack with copper wire. The large one fits the end perfectly:

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    ok thanks, I was wondering if angle was to steep this morning. did you also put holes in the heavy cookie sheets? smoker is up north about 65 miles away, cant measure anything for sizes, but saw a post about using 6" x 18" plates in 1/4" steel and one saying 6 x 14 1/2", how wide is the lower level? thanks again.
  7. Cheesehead. Go to my website. I have a Baffle I sell for offset smokers that evens the temp from side to side (U.S. Patent Pending) called Mister Baffler. for 29.95 plus S&H. I just sold one to a buddy of mine  for his new Brinkmann Trail blzer. He smoked a brisket last weekend using the bffle and swears by it now.

  8. danbono

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    Hi Would your baffle work on a Brinkmanns Smoke N Pit?

    Thanks Dan
  9. Dan Bono. Yes it does. That was my first model of smoker I started with. I can set Mr. Baffler about 1 inch from the firebox and my little brinkmann will maintain 300 degree across the smoke chamber. Perfect for hot and fast ribs.
  10. Ernie's baffle worked for me!!! It evened my temps across the grate. Do yourself a favor. Buy one.
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  11. Whiskey boyz,

    I have a brinkmann trailmaster le and have been having a little temp problem as well. (15-20 deg. Diff. Side to side) not bad, but kind of frustrating.
    Will your baffle fit this grill? And if I purchase it do I still need to have my convection plate in my smoker?
  12. Home Depot has the cover for the Brinkman Limited Edition for $34.95
    It fits perfect and you don't have to take the front shelf off!!
  13. Lowes has an adjustable louvered baffle (for gas grills)that is porcelain coated and fully adjustable to 18" long that works $16.95
  14. danbono

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    Hi But is only 18' long. My pit much longer then that..Brinkmanns Smoke N Pit.

    Thanks Dan
  15.  Dan, I have a 1/4 " steel plate that I cut to fit the front and rear rack holders{approx.)17.5"front to back and it is about 7"s long, it fits tight above the charcoal opening were the heat comes into the meat barrel.The louvered diffuser starts there ,I have mine at the same height as the steel plate going from right to left the diffuser ends before the left side of the barrel, but I don't think that matters ,you want to get the heat more evenly dispersed and this seems to work ,I had a difference of temp from right to left of 10 degrees!!! now I have to tackle the air flow from mother nature!! I'll post some pictures.........worth a thousand words Keep Smokin
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  16. Dan, I custom bend my Baffles to fit any offsets. I am not sure about moving your diffuser. Please send me a snapshot of the diffuser positioned in the grill to [email protected].
  17. Got my btmle about a month ago.  No problem with assembly or leaks.  Works great!  Smoking a green picnic ham today.  We shall see how it goes.
  18. danbono

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    "Dan, I custom bend my Baffles to fit any offsets. I am not sure about moving your diffuser. Please send me a snapshot of the diffuser positioned in the grill"

    Here are some pics of my present set up..

    Thanks Dan

                Pic from the firebox

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  19. Dan, Mr.Baffler Hangs off of the front amoke chamber grid and does the same as your difusser.
  20. cheese head

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    Used my btle for 1st time this weekend. Did the bacon wrapped fatty. I used maple flavored sausage, wow were they good![​IMG]

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