Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by realtorterry, Mar 6, 2011.

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    Hi all new to smoking thanks for all you tips

    i'm sort of half way through mods ordered some clamps 

     because i'm losing smoke through the sides of my lid just wondering if the rubber bung on the clamp is ok on the hot lid i don't want to drill my lid if those bungs will melt    
  2. smoking uk

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    Finally Got my fire box
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  3. Ive had that brinkman for years and cooked for lots of folks. It's not a bad cooker once you get used to it. I still use it when firing up my Lang 84 is not worth it.
  4. smoking uk

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    Hi Smokin NW

    Your mods look great can you tell me do the bungs on the clamps survive ok with the heat of the lid

    Regards Tim
  5. hey all.

    just wondering if anyone has had the idea to build a second shelf for the trailmaster, i am looking into getting one and was curious if it was possible, is the inside big enough to where a second shelf could be built?
  6. Hey where did you get that?  ...and it fits into the BTLE fire box?
  7. hey all.

    just wondering if anyone has had the idea to build a second shelf for the trailmaster, i am looking into getting one and was curious if it was possible, is the inside big enough to where a second shelf could be built?
  8. 2nd shelf... I dunno... maybe if all you do is flat stuff i.e. ribs, wings maybe.  With pork butts in mine there's not much headroom left.
  9. how much room is there from shelf to like the top of the opening
  10. smoking uk

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    Hi GlennMc

    My friend made it for me the size is 12 x 10 x 6 i picked the metal up from a local supplier i hope its man enough for the job as the original grill bars bend with the heat.

    This may also help

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    Remmy, thanks for the advice.  I will try that trick keeping wood next to the firebox and see if that keeps burning the entire time.  Last year I didn't have this issue, but it was about 20 degF warmer out when I was BBQing a lot and getting great results.  I will stick with the Royal Oak and see.  I also just cleaned out the entire smoker, as I do each season, so maybe in some weird way this had something to do with the temp being low.   Also, had a gazebo over me and the smoker, so maybe this messed with the exhaust stack and draft!   Hmmm.  Maybe that was it!
  12. What are the cooking chamber dimensions?  Thanks.
  13. Roughly 40" long x 17" wide x 8" (peak height) measured at/from the cook grate. Subtract any intrusions (like the dryer vent 'stack extension') from the length.
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  14. Thanks that extra room would nice compared to my 33x16" silver smoker.
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    Where did U pick up the silicone?
  16. You can find lots of Rutland products at any Ace Hardware
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    Pic of a 10lb pork butt I did last weekend on the BTLE. Used Aaron Franklin's Texas style rub recipe. 5 hours in the smoker to a temp of 160, then wrapped tightly in foil, then into a 300 degree oven (why waste the wood fuel?) for about 2.75 hours to an internal temp of about 205. Best pork butt ever! It was a smoky, tender, black meteorite! The savory rub combined with a sweet sauce was awesome.

    By the way, I did all the mods on my BTLE others have: dryer elbow extension, Rutland silicone, tuning plates, and Harbor Freight toggle clamps. Sure burns fuel a lot more efficient
    as well as holding temp. :grilling_smilie:
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  18. Buddy of mine just bought one of the Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition at Cabela's  I am going to stop by his place tonite and measure his new smoker for one of my 'Mister Baffler' (U.S. Patent pending) heat deflecting baffles which I make for offset smokers, Brinkmann, Chargriller, Charbroil, New Brumsfeld, Oklahoma Joes, etc.   Mister Baffler can be purchased on line at
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    I had the Trail master also, I don't recommend putting any money into is, save it for a higher quality unit. I have mine for about 3 years and during a cook the ash tray just fell apart. it had completely rusted...and I live in sunny So. Cal where it never rains...I would recommend a Oklahoma Joe Longhorn, easy on the wallet and well made.
  20. turfguy

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    "during a cook the ash tray just fell apart"

    I had the same thing happen to my ash tray, so I had my factory make me one our of stainless steel. I've since moved on to a Brinkmann Vertical which has much better and more consistent heat control without all the modifications. So I have a stainless steel ash tray that is also twice the depth to hold more ash if any one is interested in buying it, PM me and I'll shoot you a price.

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