Brinkmann Smoke n Grill 30 inch (Electric)

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by corbylove, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. My wife came home from a garage sale yesterday to my surprise with this in the back of the van.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any info on it like:

    Model Number


    Or operating tips

    Thank you so much for any info I appreciate t


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    Hi Chris and welcome to SMF. Boy that sure is an old one. Is that a wooden knob on the top lid? Most of the "modern" ECB's have a dome lid. 

    What part of the world do you live in? You can add your location to your profile so we don't keep asking [​IMG]

    I'd say that could be an interesting find. Does it work?
  3. Yes it works and I am in michigan
  4. Just really want to find model number if possible and maybe a manual to see if I have all the parts.

    Mostly to see if and how to do the smoker chips

    Thanks again all
  5. Ok well I guess I will keep looking for info on my own Ugh
  6. Sorry no input......I even Googled it for ya.    Looks like an old old model so maybe there won't be info.  Is there a water pan at the bottom?  Rocks (lava) under the element?  More info and more pics of the thing and we MAY be able to help.

  7. It is not a problem I appreciate it.

    I tried googling the crap out of it also with no luck.

    I guess I just do not understand where the wood whips go or hoe to add more with out taking all of the insides out

    It does have a water pan I believe and the drop in grill.

    I think the top picture is what they used for chips directly on heating element

    second pic is water pan

    third os the heat coil

    Again I wasnt trying to offend I just am crazy trying to find the right way to use it
  8. Ok so this is close to my first vertical smoker (looked like a red R2D2)  What you need to do is get some lava rock and put in and up to the element (don't cover but right up to) then you will add the chips right on the rocks (that's what I did) or maybe you can make a little foil pan and make clean up easier. 

    That's a water/drip pan but I only put a little water in to start then the drippings will go into as well. 

    Not sure what the heck that "heat coil" thingie is though.....hmmmmm

    When you need to add chips you will have to open it....take the rack out and add chips.  Keep them off the heating element and put them on the lava rock. 

    NOW go smoke something [​IMG]
  9. OMGoodness thank you so much

    I have been mostly a offset kinda guy but I really wanna try this out.

    So I can just pour lava rocks over the heating element and it wont flavor the food at all. And I could you like a pie tin or something for the chips?

    I will SOMKE something [​IMG]
  10. You could use a pie tin yes.  As long as it fits under the water pan.  Just make sure it's a heavier duty pie tin and it should last.  The lava rocks will impart no flavor at all. They are used to hold heat in while the unit is running.  

    I'd throw some chicken on that and see what ya get [​IMG]
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  11. Sounds like a plan Thanks so much

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