Brining Pork Shoulder!

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  1. Has anyone out their ever brined a pork -butt (shoulder)?  A guy at work was telling me this is his method.  I thought i would throw this out their & see what responses i got.
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    My experience has been that if you can get your hands on fresh, unenhanced pork, brining will increase the products finished moisture content to some degree, and you can add layers of flavor deep into the pork that can't be created with wet or dry rubs alone.

    Both of these recipes are an original matched set for brine and dry rub:

    Very unique flavor, and highly recommended by my wife and kids. I liked it, too...a lot!

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    Well let's see I personally brine my poultry to help keep it moist and to also add the flavors that I want to add to the bird. Now I have smoked a many a pork butt/shoulder and everyone of them have seemed to be quite juicey and moist. Now I really don't see any any reason to brine a shoulder.
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    Why don't you give it a try & let us know how it turns out. I have thought of trying it before, but like Mark said they are so juicy without the brine I never bothered.
  5. Thanks Al!  I always appreciate your in-put. Over the summer you gave me information on the stuffed pork loin, & now i see you have a link. I did everything the same, except i didn't pre-cook the sausage or use onion, &  garlic, & it came out pretty amazing.  I took some to work & wowed people. I'm even smoking one for someone at work while i'm doing the pork-butt. Now that i see your link it can only get better.
  6. In many parts of the world this is known as pickled pork and is readily available at the butcher's dept. or shop.

    Growing up in Australia, pickled pork was always a part of our Christmas dinner and I understand from my family still in Australia, pickled pork is readily available.

    I often obtain a 3 or 4 pound shoulder roast and make a wet brine and brine the shoulder for around 7 days depending on the weight/thickness et al.

    After rinsing, I smoke (apple and oak) until it reaches 160 degrees. We eat hot and slice the remainder for use in sandwiches.
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    Are you going to use your buddies method? Care to elaborate on that method a bit?
  8. Petewoody what recipe do you use for your wet pork brine? The method your talking about pickling or brining is the way the old German's I used to do Pork when I was growing up. Have been looking for the brine recipe for a long time.
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    My brother and I have brined and smoked a few pork shoulders. Brining is great. i usally use a half cup kosher salt half cup light brown sugar with bay leaves ground pepper 1/2 tblsp 1 tblsp cayenne pepper one 12oz. beer good micro brew two oranges sliced with peel on.a sprig of rosemarry off the stem,For the brine add 2 cups boiling water mixing into the salt/sugar/herb bath to dissolve add 1&1/2 trays ice cubes to chill, add shoulder to a 8cup of water bath to fill mix well refrigerate for 24hrs. this includes the 2 cups of boiling water that was chilled by ice to equal 10 cups water. Juicey stuff 
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    • Ribcage, tried your brine on a shoulder, EXCELLENT! Shoulder is normally juicy, but the depth of the flavor was excellent with the brine. I didn't use a rub when I smoked the shoulder, this was because I wanted to see how well the brine worked, and it was great. Thanks for sharing.
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  11. I brine all my pork for anywhere from 2 days to 7 days. I usually always like to eat the finished smoked pork cold or in a cold pork sandwich. Everyone has their own preference! 
  12. Marengobil. I missed your post of 12/30/11. I use a standard brine (Pops et al) of 1 cup salt/3/4 cup brown sugar/1 tablespoon of #1 cure per gallon of water). I have a butt brining at the moment and it will be smoked in about 10 days and I will post some pices.
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    I should have noted that I think the key is, as always, time. I brined it for 5 days. Just my thoughts....
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    I never Brine Pork and get thes results:

     consisteng doneness ad ...

     A clean Bone pull. Juicy too; and no foiling...
  15. oldschool i never get tired of that first pic! amazing!! [​IMG]..alright threadjack on!!...side about a thread revival..[​IMG]
  16. Good looking smoked pork! What brine mixture did you use for a receipe? Here is the one I use!

    1 Gallon Apple cider

    1/2 cup Apple cider vinegar

    1 and 1/3 of Kosher Salt

    4 Tablespoons onion salt

    2 Tablespoons Garlic salt

    2 Tablespoons of Celery salt

    1 Tablespoon white pepper

    1 Tablespoon of either Thyme or Rosemary

    add water or Apple Cider to cover all the meat. Brine for 7 or more days depending how salty you like the meat to taste. Sound any good to you? Love cold pork sandwiches! 
  17. Hey Bill, is that kosher salt measurement in cups? Guessing that it is.
    Thank U
  18. Yes the Kosher Salt is in cups (11/3) sorry I missed that!

    Thanks and Good smoking!
  19. So then what is your prep steps if you don't brine? Also, what is your rub, mustard, what temp you let it get to before pulling to pull? About to try one for my birthday on 19 Apr.
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    I have never tried a brine, not even on a turkey. Quick question, does the brine need to be changed regularly for sanitary reasons or no? Thanks for the help

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