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Brining or Dry Rub


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I'm getting an MES smoker this wknd and I am looking for a good recipe for pulled pork. My dad loves pork, mostly what he eats but I've tried brining and also some dry rubs recipes but haven't gotten the results he likes nor the one I was looking for. Most of the time I get a good flavor outside but nothing inside from both brine and dry rub.

What do you guys use and if you can share some recipes or tips I'd appreciate it, trying to make the old man happy!!!


Joined Jan 29, 2013
I brine pretty much all poultry and pork. However, when it comes to smoking a pork butt, I don't. I have tried plain dry rubs, mustard slathered all over with a dry rub, and just pepper/salt. They are all pretty good, but I (for ease) usually just go with a dry rub (I prefer heavy on the heat and sweet). But, I've only done about 50 or so pork butts, and there are several members here with way more experience. I also use the BGE, so my butt stays very moist and the smoke really penetrates the meat (I use apple or cherry, maybe some hickory and/or maple). I have never used the MES, so I would defer to someone with experience on those.

I also had the pleasure of meeting and learning from Elizabeth Karmel. Her recipe for a vinegar sauce to mix with the meat after pulled is pretty good. Let me know if you're interested and can't find it; happy to share (it's pretty simple).


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I havent done that many but i plan too now with the smoker! BGE?? I'll look up elizabeth kalmer and let you know if i cant find her. Thanks!


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Have you tried injecting? I like using adobo or Dr. Pepper for an injection, or make my own with apple juice. IMHO, it's the best way to get flavor inside the roast.


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The best way I have found to flavor (compliment) pork is to use a finishing sauce.

Season the meat accordingly because this will be part of your finishing sauce. I keep the rub simple and use very little sugar for PP.
  • Baste  with something like this as this will add a nice bark flavor as well as a nice flavor to the finishing sauce.

Catch the drippings in a drip pan making sure to keep enough water in the pan so the drippings do not burn up, just be careful; as you approach the end of your cook so you are not left with too much water.

Defat the drippings, then tweak to your desired flavor. Make sure to defat or you will end up with a greasy tasting pork!

  • Sometimes the grease will be waxy.
  • Sometimes it will look like this.
  • Heat, Tweak
  • Add some drippings mix well and allow to absorb into the meat, repeat as needed.
  • Top with your favorite sauce... however ... the pork can hold its own without any sauce!!


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 i do wet and dry .

got good results just when i wet brine i inject the meat with the brine .

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