Brine Curing Problem

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Aug 9, 2011
I tried the pastrami brine curing method out of the Marianski's book Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages. It's similar to this one but uses a 40 degree brine 


It said to let it sit in the fridge for 4-5 days, packed tightly in a container, but covered with the remainder of the brine left after injecting. I did that but I had streaks of gray and red on the meat. The meat was packed tightly and I can only assume the brine didn't get to those areas? Ideas? Should I have rotated/mixed the meat around in the brine every day? The recipe didn't call for that. I'm at a loss for why it didn't evenly cure.  Maybe fridge temp too low?  Its set to 36 degrees.

Can I go ahead and smoke this? Re-brine? or Throw it out?

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Because it was injected, the brine, cure should be mixed throughout the meat.... You did use cure #1 didn't you.... Go ahead and smoke it... Cook thoroughly, when you slice into it, the meat should have a uniform color if the cure penetrated properly....
the different colors of the meat is usually oxidation.... not a problem.... Also, next batch, stir and turn the meat when it is in a brine...
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Because it was injected, the brine, cure should be mixed throughout.... You did use cure #1 didn't you.... 
Hey Dave, thanks!  Yes I most certainly used cure #1.  I'm not sure what you mean in the first part of the sentence however.  I did dissolve the cure and salt completely, if that's what you meant.  I will try this again with a brisket and make sure to stir/turn frequently.
Sorry for the confusion...... "Because it was injected" was noted because some of us just do an "Immersion cure/brine" where the brine is not injected.... Injecting gets the "stuff" to the center of the meat immediately... where immersion takes time and the bucket or bag or what ever the meat is in, definitely needs to be stirred, mixed, overhauled etc. to insure uniform contact with everything.....

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