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bone in or boneless shoulder?


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Costco has boneless at $2.19 my butcher has bone in at $1.83. $0.36 is pretty much irrelevant.
1. Which is going to TASTE BETTER?
2. Which is going to smoke better / easier?
PS taste is going to Trump all other issues.


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Both are usury.

You should be able to find fresh butts for $1.80 or less, and by the case for less than $1.20..,


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Bone-in. The meat is intact and cooks evenly. Easier to handle, too.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with boneless, and you can tie it up or scootch it together. I only buy boneless these days when I'm curing Buckboard bacon.


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Bone-in is my preference. And is what seems to be mostly available in my area.


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1. Which is going to TASTE BETTER?
2. Which is going to smoke better / easier?
1. Technically bone-in or boneless, its the same meat. I feel that bone-in meat cooks better. I feel like there is more bone, bone marrow, tendons and connective tissue that renders during a long cook that adds a depth and dimension that boneless cuts lack. I also feel that the Bone heats at a different rate than the meat helping to create a more even cooking.
Having said this, I do not think that if served head-to-head that I could tell the difference.

2. Define "easier." Boneless means ready to serve faster and a much better idea of your final end-product weight. Also easy to season inside and out.


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Bone in for sure. I’ve only cooked boneless once...turned out good but the boneless cooks better IMO and you end up with better meat/results in the long run. Not sure where you are located but got a couple local grocery stores around here selling for $.99 lb right now. Just got spare ribs for $1.79 lb yesterday


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I prefer bone-in. A little easier and I like the end result. Boneless are fine too but I feel like tying them is a good idea for more even cooking. Not a big deal just an extra step.

JC in GB

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I have done both and there is not much difference in flavor if any. I prefer bone in like most posters here but both make great pulled pork. :emoji_cat:

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