Black Goo on Meat

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Dec 23, 2010
I have a Charbroil Gas Smoker that was purchased this summer.  The first use went great.  But the last couple of time i smoked anything the meat had a black watery coating on it that smelt like soot.  I have tried turning down the temprature and adjusting with the water pan. Any ideas would help


I have had that problem with fish.

The fish was cold and not dry on the surface. Figured cold food attracted moisture and everything condensed on the cold meat.


Operated the smoker with the heat on and the dampers wide open until the meat warmed and the surface dried.

Started the smoke w/dampers open until enough smoke on the fish.

Stopped the smoke and heated fish to final temp.

This worked very well for fish. I recently joined to lean about smoking meats/sausage etc.

I hope this helps. Not even close to being experienced in meats.

I think moisture collects on cooler surfaces and that will attract smoke particles.

There will be an expert along soon to fill in the blanks.
Could be creosote... You are probably going to want to clean the smoker thoroughly and re-season it,... than make sure you are getting good airflow and the wood you are using is seasoned and you are not OVER smoking... you just want TBS (Thin Blue Smoke) heavy smoke = NO GOOD... good luck my friend...
Sounds like condensation dripping from the lid onto the meat. This is a problem in cold weather. You can put foil over the meat and problem solved. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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