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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Mar 27, 2013
Cleveland, Ohio
smoked half a rib roast we had left from New Year day. This time, used my new Thermapen that I gave to myself for the occasion. Turned out the best yet for our tastes. Absolutely perfect. Was pleasantly surprised that my Maverick matched up on the money with the new Thermapen. Here's a look at how we did.

Meat was tender and pink with every bite.

We followed with a little somethin' from the Bering Sea.

Ended up being one of my most satisfying birthdays yet. :yahoo:

Wishing TBS for all,
That looks awesome both of them and Happy Birthday
Yep... My last request meal.... Happy birthday....
Happy Birthday Fred! That looks terrific! 

And did sweet Izzy get any Bering Sea tastes? (I once had a dog who ADORED Alaskan King Crab so much that he tore through a trash bag to get at empty legs/shells, and was searching the kitchen after the bag was removed, and he just LOVED those!

In any event, fantastic meal!!!! Great job!!!!!!!

Cheers! - Leah
Thank you Boykjo and Leah.

Yes, Leah, she sure loves the king of crabs. Tries to jump in my lap to get her share.:biggrin:
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Nice Job Fred!!!

Prime Rib looks Perfect !!!

Happy Birthday too!!!

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