Big Weekend for the Final Smokes on my Cheap Offset

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  1. After years of wanting to get into smoking, I finally bought one after moving into a house at the beginning of this summer. Went onto Amazon and bought the cheapest one, knowing that I was going to just learn with it all summer. What I didn't know was how much steeper I made the learning curve for myself with this cheap, non-ideal setup. I still had tons of fun with it, especially doing all the research and modifying but it was time to move on.

    I recently bought a Dyna-Glo 36" vertical smoker on Amazon but it's not arriving until tomorrow because of shipping delays due to Hurricane Irma. No big deal, but I had a lot going on this past weekend and wanted to get my smoke on so I decided to give my cheap little offset one final swan song. Here's what I made (all ideas came from watching HowToBBQRight videos on YouTube, highly recommended):

    For my brother's housewarming party Saturday

    Smoked party wings:

    -marinated overnight in zesty Italian dressing, frank's red hot, and some soy sauce

    -rubbed in all purpose seasoning and Butt Rub

    -smoked at 275 for one hour on each side with hickory chunks and apple finished off on grill

    HUGE hit at the party

    For my Aunt and Uncle that came into town Sunday

    Smoked St. Louis Pork Ribs:

    -rubbed in all purpose seasoning, slathered in golden mustard, then rubbed in Butt Rub

    -smoked for 4 hours at 235-245 with hickory chunks (couldn't find any pecan)

    -spritzed every 45mins with pineapple juice/apple juice/apple cider vinegar combo

    -wrapped in foil up with butter, hit with a bit more rub, and put into 235 degree oven for 4 more hours

    I would've liked to have finished them off with some sauce, but I couldn't lift them out of the foil without them falling apart. Not the worst problem to have I guess haha.

    Smoked Mac 'n Cheese

    -homemade mac 'n cheese, into a 10" cast-iron skillet

    -topped with chopped bacon and panko bread crumbs

    -smoked for an hour at 275, finished on med-hi heat grill for few minuted until bubbling

    Also had my aunt make a side of homemade cole slaw

    Here are the end results:

    And here is the setup I used all summer, after modifications were complete:

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    Everything looks absolutely delicious!

    Nice job!

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    Ha!! And after smoking up all that great food you want to retire the El Cheapo??

    Hope you enjoy your new smoker.

  4. Haha I'll be giving it to my brother and teaching him how to use it, so it's not exactly going into retirement. It'll probably get used less by him but I'm off to bigger and better things.
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    Good job on handing down the smoker! That's how I got into this "obsession".

    A close friend replaced his old gas fired vertical smoker with a newer, better, faster and stronger gas fired vertical smoker and gave me his old smoker.

    25 pounds later I'm obsessed with smoking meats. (thanks partially to you good people on this forum)

    I hope your brother knows just what he's getting into....
  6. Hahaha, I actually hope his wife knows what he's getting into... Although she pointed out after the meal on Sunday that she couldn't get enough of the ribs and mac 'n cheese despite being lactose intolerant and rarely ever eating pork haha!
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    Lol.. cool thread!
    Points for your time and energy.. & the good looking food!
    Hope you kept that baking sheet.. 😂
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    Nice job....everything looks delicious!,
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  9. Thanks! And the baking sheet is actually staying with the smoker, ha. I bought duplicates from Amazon to use in the house [​IMG]
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