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    $6,000 BBQ smoker on a 27' boat trailer. We have cooked award winning Q' on this smoker. Trailer has plenty of storage for competition use and wood carrier that holds enough wood to get you through the weekend. I have a small deep freeze that goes with it that fits custom on "passenger side". Smoker itself can cook around 20 pork butts. Has damper to control heat from firebox and double stacks with damper. 2 5" glow in the dark tel tru thermo's, 12 rack rib rack, 4 removable chicken holders. This smoker is easy to get dialed in. I am selling because we have upgraded to a bbq trailer.

    Thanks, Tyler

    Price reduced to $4,000, taking offers....
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  2. Do you have to lean over the fire box to get into it?  Maybe this needs more pics.  Seems a bit overpriced for a homebuild on a boat trailer.  Maybe update with more pictures, and  bit more explanation?  Good luck.
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    If you don't like his price then keep your comments to yourself. Show a little respect.
  4. There's no disrespect in asking for an explanation to justify the price.  It's a discussion forum.
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    We have a friendly forum for the exchange of ideas here.  Lets keep it friendly.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. Thank you.
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    I have seen this smoker before.....May I ask where its located at?

    I would like to see a few more shots, maybe of the firebox area vs the cook chamber. Its a very unique setup with the back end of the trailer.

    Good luck on the sale.

  8. becky

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    Hello All,
    We are located in NW Missouri. We compete under Worth Smokin. Mainly do contest in the Kansas City area. The price is negotiable as most things are. You do have to lean over the fire box but there is very little radiant heat that you have to deal with. As with BBQ most things are hot... The trailer alone is worth around $1500. The entire deck is covered with diamond plate. The aluminum truck boxes are an expensive item, then you have the actual build. We added a few more pics.

    Like I said, this is negotiable. We will consider all offers at this point. I haven't used the smoker for some time now and would like to get rid of it. Just don't low ball me.

  9. Thanks for the update.  Thanks for the added pictures, also.  I have a couple friends looking for a build; I'll pass this along.

  10. Tyler, thanks for the message, and I'll let them know.  I appreciate it!

  11. becky

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    Price reduced to $4,000...we are taking offers.

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