Big Birthday Smoke

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Pit pixie

Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 30, 2022
Southampton England 🇬🇧
Morning guys,

As promised in the injection thread here is my cook out today.....I say cook out I got about 20 people coming.
I turned 39 yesterday and wanted to do beef and pork slow cook for 8 hours and then burger and sausages and chicken wings over the hot coal on a hot and fast at the end.
My partner sorted the beef. It is no where near the size I wanted but it's prime rib so I am not complaining.

I have done nothing with it yet.
I have flavoured my belly pork with
This works really well with all meat.

Coals are now warming for my fire base...I am so excited 😊
Ok so I have now played with the injection everyone was so helpful with this yesterday.

I am going to leave for for a bit before putting it on.
As you can see it's not the greatest of cuts, I think the butcher got a little knife happy when cutting but it's OK.
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Looking really good! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and gathering!

Beautiful day! Forget your across the pond. If I caught a plane right now, I'd be there in time for a late evening snack. Save me a plate of them good looking eats!

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