Best wood chips for MES 30

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Dec 31, 2016
Canyon Lake, TX
Our local HEB has 3 lb bags of wood chips for smoking for $1.87 each. I bought Hickory, Oak, Mesquite, Cherry and Apple so far. They have a few more fruit woods available.

I am on my third smoke and making beef snack sticks. I had used hickory for the first two smokes and they went well with me adding chips about every 45 min.

Today I tried mesquite without much success, they just would not ignite, only smolder slightly. I was running the sticks pretty low at 145f and then up to 160f, but over 4 hrs I got no smoke to speak of. The wood looks very dense and hard. I switched to hickory and it kicked off right away.

Anyone else have trouble getting certain chips to ignite in the MES? I am not ready to get the Amazing Smoker yet without giving the stock setup a go. We are supposed to be electric only at my condo and the first time I show up with a blow torch to light it, we would probably get complaints.
The MES has a hard time producing smoke at those low temps.

As said above you would be better off with the Amazen tube or tray.

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