Best way to span fire brick across the top of the firebox?

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Dec 27, 2019
I am designing a custom brick offset smoke and has been a while since I worked with firebrick.... ,my last experience was building a Rumford and I used some throat pieces that had a 1/2 steel angle iron threaded through it. I saw some custom builds here and some folks us a steel plate to cover the entire fire box top and then brick the top, some used angle iron every layer and just bricked between angle iron.

Wondering if anyone has an experience to give the most coverage of fire brick .. sort of don't ;like having a metal roof and the angle iron leaves 1/4 gap between bricks that has to be filled with fire mortar. I want to create a fire brick roof to keep the top from getting hot .. gonna also add some ceramic insulation on top an then the decorative brick on top.. I think that will help contain the heat.

I guess I could always make an arch of firebrick over the entire roof.. . .like these:

Appreciate any insight.

Oh, looking to create about a 20"wide x16x16 firebox,.. and my local suppler has the 9x2.25x4.5 firebrick . $2:50 each..seems a reasonable price?
I may have answered my own question.. can get custom 24"x12"x3" firebrick for about $80 .. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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