Best pork belly I've ever had.

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Original poster
Nov 22, 2012
I picked up this monster today.  I'm used to getting 9-10lbers frozen from RD.  This dude weighed in at 25lbs fresh. It came from a small local processor who slaughters on site.  They brought it out from the back, so I wouldn't be surprised if it waddled in the back door this morning.  The color is so deep compared to that commodity pork from RD.  I can't wait to break it down and get it in some cure!

Oh man, do I wish I had one of those.... I'am really itchin to make some bacon !
Good for you, let us go along with ya with some Q view ! :biggrin:
Are you Irish? You sure got the luck for it!

Beautiful side ya got there. You should take a small sample of your bacon back to the butcher when you get it done, kind of like a thank you. Building points with a butcher that has those can never hurt!

I would buy a lotto ticket too!
That is a great looking slab.

Wish I could find them like that around here.
Wow!!!  That's a real Porker!!!

Mine usually run between 9 and 14 pounds (without the skin).

Fantastic looking Bacon! That's one massive slab! Wish we could get something like that here. We'll we can but the place that does that wants half a years pay for the slab!
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