Berkshire Culatello 2022 Transition to 2nd Winter Phase

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I want to find a wood hammer like this...

For checking the culatello for voids and air pockets. Might have to make one at my uncles wood shop though...
Well, today is the start of the summer fermentation phase for both Culatello. I have them hanging in my fermentation trash can at room temperature 68-70*F with a humidifier and an RH% controller set to 80%RH. The moisture loss rates are 37.05% and 38.14% as of today. A little faster than I expected. This is likely due to a thinner fat layer on these hams as compared to the one I started drying the year before. I'll try to get hams with thicker fat caps next time. 1~1 1/4" would be ideal so that after trimming, it will be 3/4~1" thick. The fat caps on these two Culatello are 1/2-5/8" thick. They will still be good, but slower drying leads to more flavor creation from what I have learned...the Culatello covers have helped greatly with this. These Culatello were also 500-1000g. less than the one I made last year so that has likely affected the speed of drying as well.
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Today we reached a is the end of summer fermentation phase. The aroma emmenating from the Culatelli has become stronger over the last two weeks or so. And I have been anticipating checking them with the horse bone needle. Well....that day finally arrived! I was anxious and excited...hoping that they cured properly as this was the first time I have done a traditional Italian cure in which the piece is over salted slightly and the fluid is allowed to run off instead of reabsorbing like an EQ cure.

Well..I can rest easy now.....

Mind blown! The scent of the Culatello is intense! WOW! And it will become exponentially better after the 2nd winter phase. I am really looking forward to sampling this when it is finished! Luckily, I have Culatello 2021 to look forward to cutting this October. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.