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  1. Called the wife from work the other day, asked her to pick up a piece of beef. Well, she comes home with this ginormous beef shoulder. Never seen one so didn't know what the heck to do with it. Sittin in chat room other evening bs'n and asked Dave Omak about it. He give me a quick low down and tonight I'm running with it. Got my SMF recipe email the other day and figured instead of doing a fast bourbon butt, i'd do a slow bourbon beef shoulder. 

    covered with spicy musterd, LIBERAL coating of jeffs rub and into the smoker at 225 on hickory. Didn't  have any jim beam but I did have a nice jug of JD honey, so i used it instead. 

    just rubbed and going in.

    12:30 A.M........

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  2. That's a big ol piece of beef you got there  [​IMG]   I'm gonna follow this one - looking good so far  [​IMG]
  3. thats kindly what i thought when i seen it in the fridge when i got home that evening. im like good grief darling, i just wanted something to roast and slice for sammiches. not 3/4 of a cow![​IMG]

    but its coming along well. its 2:58 A.M. now, and after a **few** sips to wet my throat, the squirrels are talking to me (((((a very dangerous thing))))) and the hoot owels are playing cards. so I wrapped it in foil since its right at 158d at the moment and im gonna call it a nite. i'll be up in 4 hours or so to check on it if the temp alarm doesn't go off first.
  4. webowabo

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    ?? Im a waiting JC! :biggrin: its been 4 hours :) wakie wakie
  5. come on **jasper[​IMG]** give me a break. didn't get to close my eyes till 4:15...... geeeze, temp at 4:15 was 160, 7:47am it was sitting at 182 so i went ahead and bumped it heat to 250. haven't opened box to see it yet. just smell it through the air vent. ummm, can't wait though. i can't describe the aroma that hit me when i dumped in that honey flavored jack daniels whatever time it was. When it hit the warm pan along with the hickory aroma and barking up jeffrub, WOW.....  

    promise Qvu once it comes out.
  6. I'm still here waiting patiently for the outcome  [​IMG]
  7. haha, me too, plus the 4 dogs from work, plus 3-5 of the neighbors dogs. the whole holler smells like hickory where its been on all nite. he's already called and asked if i had a bonfire last nite without telling him.
  8. webowabo

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  9. FINALLY, got it out at 197, couldn't wait anymore. Gotta get it rested, ripped, put in heated pot and into  cooler for birthday  party. 

  10. That looks gooooooood!  [​IMG]   I wish I could smell it from here  [​IMG]
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    Looks great!
  12. well, i'd offer to ship ya some but i'm afraid after the party, the most i'll get is maybe some juice in the bottom of the serving dish to lick out. That is if i can beat the dogs to it.[​IMG]
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    That looks amazing. I wish my wife would bring home something like that for me to cook! Super. :grilling_smilie:
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    Great looking meat there JC!!!! WOW.. I want one!!!! or 5 :) Cant wait to see it pulled now :) COME ON PARTY.. START!!! 

    Look at all do juices... YUM!!!! 

    a little broth cocktail over some icecubes... sounds ok to me :p
  15. it'd have to be a little one, too big of one or too many lil ones and the squirrels give me fits. don't need no talkin quirrels. pics comin in a bit....
  16. c farmer

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    Loos great JC.

    That was a beef shoulder?
  17. Yup C, beef shoulder. this is what I  was hashin over with daveomak the other evening in the chat room. ((thanks again dave)) It was a hit. here's a few more shots. 

    Reduced the drippings a bit, disassembled the meat (no pulling involved hardly), put drippings in and stirred it all up.

    Ready to  dig in with a serving of Jasmine rice. Hard  combo to beat!!!

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  18. c farmer

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    What did it weigh? 
  19. bout 8.72lbs. got a few scraps left, enough so i won't be licking the juice in the bottom of the bowl. got enough for dinner this evening..

    after the party today, two of wifes buddys were already plotting against me. they are probably going to buy a beef shoulder or a pork butt and have me smoke it and we'd all get together for dinner soon. so all im doing is smoking it, bringing a gallon or 2 of wine and the other 2 familys involved are doing the rest. sounds like the beginings of a good weekend. 
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  20. Looks really good ....taste was similar to ......?
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