plate ribs

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  1. C

    Pellet Griller in NYC

    My Camp Chef and I look forward to showing y'all some of what we do here in the city
  2. N

    Two sons, Two ribs

    I have two sons the youngest cane to visit on Sunday. He usually comes once a week, he only lives across the lake in Seattle. He usually requests pasta sauce, and something to put it on, he didn't request this time so I cooked what I wanted. Beef ribs with hickory smoke. My oldest son...
  3. N

    Fathers day help

    I was planning to cook some simple new york steaks for fathers day. They are sitting in the garage refrigerator. My wife goes out shopping for things she needs for our family party. She shows me what she bought and asks me, is this what you have been talking about. From costco, prime rib...
  4. R

    Beef Ribs. Type?

    For the Texas BBQ enthusiasts (and butchers) out there,hoping for some help. I am in Canada, we don’t seem to have the same butchering standards as parts of the US when it comes to beef ribs. I ask my butcher for plate ribs or Chuck ribs, but always seem to get something different every time. I...
  5. hunter rose

    Best beef ribs evahhhh...

    Never wrapped these. Smoked on a Grilla Silverbac at 190 for an hour and then 250.once a crust was formed, I misted with a 2 to 1 mixture of root beer and apple cider vinegar. At 200 IT, I foiled and put in a cooler for 2 hours.