Beef Primerib Burgers!

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Jun 21, 2009
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This post has a short story to start it off so bare with me...the other night; in the chat room, Bmudd and i were discussing the rising prices of meat. Ground meat in particular. when he asked if I have ever ground beef tenderloin for burgers?  Whaaaaat!?!?!?   As a meat cutter I thought,"Are you crazy?" but as we continued chating i thought he might be on to something....If I ground tenderloin it is going to be really lean. I might be able to sell them to the health nuts that come out of the woodwork this time of year that are trying to lose weight. Then we were talking about the whole select ribeyes we are selling on a 3 day sale this week for $2.99 lb. I could grind these for beef prime rib burgers @ $3.99 lb to make some additional profit.  So to wrap up this long winded short story, thats what I did yesterday at work. Ground up some whole beef ribeyes....Heres what they looked like. Beef/?action=view&current=0124111710b.jpg
Nothing like a 1/2 pound burger! Beef/?action=view&current=0124111710a.jpg Beef/?action=view&current=0124111710.jpg
Mrs SOB sauted up some onions and shrooms for some toppings. mmmmmm! Beef/?action=view&current=0124111711.jpg
Getting the charcoal ready. Beef/?action=view&current=0124111716.jpg
I chose to try a new way to preheat the pecan chunks before adding them to the fire. I am using the UDS more as a grill with higher heat( more hot coals). Beef/?action=view&current=0124111718.jpg
Heres the drum after I added the pecan chunks Beef/?action=view&current=0124111734.jpg
Burgers into the smoke and fire! Beef/?action=view&current=0124111734a.jpg
It was getting dark so I got to use my new grill light for the huh? Beef/?action=view&current=0124111812.jpg Beef/?action=view&current=0124111812a.jpg
Fresh pecan smoked burgers topped with smoked havarti cheese! Beef/?action=view&current=0124111814.jpg Beef/?action=view&current=0124111814a.jpg
WOW!!! Beef/?action=view&current=0124111814b.jpg
Dinner Plate for me!!!
yahoo.gif Beef/?action=view&current=0124111821.jpg
Burger, Fries, and Califlour with Cheese...MMMMMM!!!

Thanks for watching  SOB-QTV

Looks great, SOB!  My experience wit buying "select" meats a couple of times, I think you did right by grinding it up.
  How were sales to the sprocket heads?

Prime rib burgers yea I'll take a dozen of them please. Or just one of those that you smoked.
Great looking burgers! Love the steak fries and cauliflower and cheese, yummo!!!!! I'm working on a similar experiement, hopefully will be able to share soon.
Ground rib eye's for burger's......Genius!  I'd lay under the smoker and wait for the fat dripping myself as a bonus.
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Did the puppies get any treats?

Any Leftovers?

Awesome As Usual!!

That is what I call a BURGER...  Fast food sure doesn't have that...
I am not sure yet how they sold??....I had Tuesday off and didn't call in to see how things went. Wanted to forget about that place for a day.

I will see this morning  when I get there. I don't look for the store to be too busy till Thursday when the 3 day sale to starts. Then all h%ll breaks loose!

They Were Awesome Juicy!!!! Lots of flavor! I just whish I had not been in a rush to finish supper...they could have used a good hot searing at the end!

Man they were still amazing! I will be grinding me some more to use in my Stufz burger press!

Oh and yes Todd the pups got some old Nathans beef and cheese dogs I found in the garage fridge...kissed with some smoke of course!

Well I checked at work today and out of 10 packages of burgers we sold 7 of them. Not too bad for the slow part of the week Tomarrow starts the madness... I plan on making twice as much as I did the other day. wish me luck!

Whoa !! Cavey!!!! hows the club hanging??? Been a while!

It still gets the job done!!  (
)  Been lost in a fog with my teenage child who graduated last year from high school, another one coming up behind her & the 10 year old trying out all manner of sports.  (Basketball looks to be her calling at 5'7" & 10 years old.  Just bought her a pair of Jordan's, size 9.5 in boys & women's 10.5.  OUCH!!!  She is a softball nut as well.)  Keeps me pretty busy.  I now must post from work as the homefront is completely out of control.  LOL!!!  Good to see you as well.  Excellent qview. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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