Bear lard

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smokin peachey

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Aug 1, 2016
Central Pennsylvania
I was given a jar of bear lard. Never had it or heard of it

Tried it out on some fried potatoes in a CI skillet today. Wow is it good. Best part of a bear I’ve had.
Wow I wouldnt have thought it would be good to use.
There was a TV show awhile back about a couple of Appalachian boys that build or fabricate what ever they need from things they can scrounge or barter for. They used Bear Grease for a whole bunch of things, from lubricating equipment to cooking. They also bartered it off at the local hardware store. You'd think they were trading Gold for goods buy the excitement of the store owner!...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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