Beans? Again?! You betcha! W/ Smoked Chicken 4U2 View!

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Meat Mopper
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Oct 18, 2009
out on the western plain
These are the Great Northern Beans after a soak:


I think this much of this stuff would be a good idea:


I like to take those inner celery stalks and leaves and chop them up finely to get maximum saturation:


Now we have to get those carrot and celery cubes to go along with the little cup program:


We're going to need some seasonings all up in here:


Yo, Goober, this is a Smoked Meat Forum.  Where's the smoky stuff? 

Here's some smoky turkey stock and some smoked onions from my last Q:


What about the chicken?  The title said smoked chicken.  Gee, settle down already.  Here's the chicken:


Oh, hey, yeah, that looks good and everything, but, uh, well, there's not a lot there.  You better dice it up so you get good distribution.  'K. :


Yeah, OK, but I'm not feeling really good about it.  I think we need back up.  You got bacon?


Great!  OK, bacon, thanks for showing up.  You know the drill.  Get in the cup:


Added all the above to this pot, waiting to add the chicken and half the bacon until the last hour of cooking.


This is what it looked like going to the table.


Thanks for looking in,

I hope you enjoyed the View!
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Astonishingly good beans.  I think the smoked turkey stock was the main reason.  I love having smoked meats, onions and stock on hand in the freezer.  Makes it easy to add some smoky flavor to whatever you're cookin' up.
Looks great!  Nice work with the Q-view!  Congrats!!
Thanks, adiochiro3!  I appreciate the compliment! 

YUM!!!!!  That's super-delicious looking comfort food!  I would eat that ANY time!!
Thanks, BarbeQueen!   I'll save you a bowl!  Do you like butter on your cornbread?
Looks like good eatin buddy!
Thank you, smokinstevo27!  I'm pretty sure these were the best beans I've turned out lately.  They were smoky and peppery and seven kinds of delicious! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.