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Sep 14, 2021
This place is great. Was looking for some advice on fixing up an old gas BBQ, but this forum and community is way more than that.

Been fixing up my old small Brinkman BBQ for years, but picked up an old Uniflame NSG3902D for free, and rather than having replaceable crossover bars, it has three crossover bars that are riveted to a burner support bracket.

The crossover bars are rusted and useless. But this BBQ looks like all the burners light separately. Does it need the crossover bars? How will they help?

This looks Ike what I need. But what a pain to have to buy the whole burner support bracket.

I would buy a spark kit that you could lite all 3 burners with the same push
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I need to seriously clean this BBQ up, connect it to a tank, light it, and then report back. I think there is a single button. The owner said the button stopped working. And all the burners have a spark wires. I'm just looking at what I need to replace without lighting it up and playing with it first. But the crossover bars do not look like they are needed at all. Bet because they are there, I feel like I am missing something. I'll post again after I play with it.

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