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Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by markuk, Aug 2, 2015.

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    That does look to be the same charcoal, will be interesting to see your conclusion of it Wade. The bit where it says it has a long burn time might prove useful. Got to be more environmentally worthwhile than shipping beads from Oz, though they are good. I went to a charcoal fired restaurant in Cyprus a few years ago and between dishes, they just used to loosely press a sheet of tinfoil over the burning coals then remove it when they started cooking again.
  2. gav iscon

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    Thats because they were all out BBQing after episode 1   [​IMG]  
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    I'm on facebook
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    What was the cost of the fancy briquettes?
  5. wade

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    I ordered them from ShopQube and from there they are £12 per 10Kg box (plus shipping). They may be cheaper elsewhere but I just got these as I wanted to try a batch.
  6. markuk

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    and another thing - why are the presenters wearing suits - and Adam even has a tie ( getting really picky now !)
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    I just tried to see how long it would take to cook full spares at 300F on the middle shelves of an FEC 100 and the first rack ready took 2hrs 23 mins. No crutch was used but flipped at 1hr 40.

    I reckon I could knock out baby backs in 1hr 45 though but I doubt there'll be much smoke on  'em.
  8. smokewood

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    You will have to let us know how you get on with them.
  9. wade

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    The third episode has now been aired and in general I must confess that I enjoyed it - well most of it anyway. Desserts are always fun to cook on the BBQ and I am surprised that they all made a bit of a pigs ear or it. I was a little surprised when they said that they had 5 hours to do the main cook and then a lot of time was then spent making the rubs etc. It then became clear that the 5 hours were available as cooking time and did not include the preparation time. From the end result the right group won the challenge but it did not look as if they were going to during the cooking time.

    The Grill Off seemed to be a bit of a fix though. Emma appeared not to have got any of her meats cooked as they requested but still she was put through. It was almost as if the judges had decided who was going to go through before the challenge had begun. Maybe it was just the editing that made it look that way.
  10. kiska95

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    I think they wanted rid of Gary regardless of who was in the Cook off. Alan Richman just didn't like him because he kept moaning about the man over complicating things. But he was  knackered when they both complained about the vinegar in the Chimichurri but to my reckoning it is made with a wine vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil?

    It came down to the best sauce not the meat what absolute plonkers
  11. Just watched it and like Wade I enjoyed more than the two previous episodes.

    I agree with Wade & Kiska regarding the grill off. Emma should have gone out. I think one of the reasons Gary went was his over complication of all his cooks and that despite both judges telling him this consistently that he never took the advice on board.

    I'm still not enjoying the production of the show that much and whilst watching I've realised one of the reasons is the editing and the very brief shots they switch between, some less than a second.

    They've not announced this week's audience but I'm betting it's dropped again.

    For those interested here are some recipes from Mark Blatchford
  12. gav iscon

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  13. kiska95

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    I honestly thought that Mark Blachford was a pucker BBQ aficionado? Take a gander at his menu in his restaurant "John Doe" in London and see what you think? Gona try and book[​IMG]

    Must remember to get the Sky lad ("Engineer") to look at my car when he calls tomorrow
  14. May have to give it a go next time I'm down the smoke. I'll let you go first though. Just in case it's poo :biggrin:
  15. wade

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    Hmm, yes I see what you mean. He is built up on the show as being the king of restaurant BBQ cooking but when you look at their web site it seems to suggest that their focus is more on the sustainability of using wood as a fuel. Their menu also seems to show no commitment to BBQ style cooking/smoking. 
  16. kiska95

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    I used to cook chips on my grannies open fire (a cast iron job) but it wasn't bbq but cooked over wood and coals just the same😉
  17. smokewood

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    There website doesn't show anything really,  apart from a menu and who is John Doe!
  18. molove

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    Jay Rayner gave John Doe a good review in the Observer. I would post the link but apparently that's against the rules. A search on Google for Jay Rayner John Doe review should get you there.

    @smokewood Wikipedia says of John Doe - "The names "John Doe" or "John Roe" for men, "Jane Doe" or "Jane Roe" for women, or "Johnnie Doe" and "Janie Doe" for children, or just "Doe" non-gender-specifically are used as placeholder names for a party whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld in a legal action, case, or discussion.[1] The names are also used to refer to a corpse or hospital patient whose identity is unknown."
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  19. It's not against the rules to post links that are informative as a review is.
  20. kiska95

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    Don't think Smokey was asking a question its what's on the website "Who is John Doe" as a link for more info[​IMG]

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