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Discussion in 'Herbs' started by foamheart, Apr 16, 2016.

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    So ....... he finally got here today. Been waiting a couple a months.  They called it a bare root, but its about 2 feet tall and covered with new growth.

    Ok, I know the tables dirty, but........ Look at that bad boy!

    You might also note the pot full of sprouts behind it. AND the empty pot next to it. Pffft..... supposed to be onion starters.

    I have a 18" terra cotta with a clay dish sitting on some industrial pot rollers outside for its new home for a few years.

    Lady friends asked me why I didn't have one. She swears by using fresh not dried bay leaves cooking. Besides there is enough leaves on this plant to pay for itself now. How hard can it be, it can get to 40 feet, but I would probably do some pruning. This is where it came from and hopefully will look like in time.

    I also went ahead and got in two pot set ups and thinking about maybe trying to make a sassafras Bonsai. I could get all my file from it. Throw out some Thyme (which BTW is a mosquito deterrent) I have rosemary in a pot. That leaves only some garlic and some green onions! I will have some onions planted this year too.

    LOL all this and never even started the tractor....LOL

    I ain't getting anymore hens or pigs.... you can just forget that!
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    Kevin your friend was right,fresh bay leaves are better. My plant died from the 2014 winter,I still have a large container of leaves.I think I will get another one this year.Good Luck with the garden

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    Do lots of things in pots, especially herbs these days. Its fun, its mostly clean, the rewards are great, and it ain't brain surgery. Did I mention I went to college in biology? Anyway, here's the easy way.

    First and foremost, google the plant, what does it thrive on? Once you know what she likes, you know which direction to go.

    Pick a pot, I personally like terra cotta but plastic works fine also. Pots this large and good are a lifetime investment. I have 30/40 year old pots. Saucers come and go, but the pots seem to always last. If you get plastic make sure it has a good UV inhibitor. Nothing worse than a life long plant homeless cause his house crumbled apart from UV.

    The pot for this project, 18" of clay!  18" across, 18" down.

    Note the hole for drainage, unless you are growing mosquitos this drain needs to always be open. Well how do we insure that? Well there is always that one old broken pot. Don't throw 'em away.

    The wind got it. So what to do? Place it bow up over the drain hole. (I usually use 2 or three pieces but this gives the idea.).

    Then the plant knowledge comes into play, what type soil conditions? Nearly all plants will require good drainage but some like sand some like loam some like the Bay like a lot of compost!

    This will insure excellent drainage for years to come. These are crushed oyster shells, you folks with laying hens know 'em. 

    Now your ready for the dirt? Noooo....... wash it out. Get everything clean, you could move this inside and outside. I didn't buy that roller so it could race down the driveway. As Richie pointed out, bay's can't handle freezes.

    So anyway, wash it up so you'll have years before you have to mess with it again.

    Soil. You can go dig some up, you can mix with compost or root exciter, I hate to say it but the below has always worked like a champ for me. I get about 200 lbs. ever spring.

    BTW there are numerous types of exciter/stimulators  What Pop always used when he was sprouting seeds in the incubator. Thats right, the egg incubator with a tray of H20 works great, has temp contol setting and insulated. Just change the heat lamp to a grow light bulb.

    I forgot to mention about the Coaster. You can buy 15/20 dollar coasters I have bough a bunch.

    But they usually end up here, like this one.

    Spend the extra 5/10 bucks and get a good sturdy, poly coaster with good free wheeling casters. In 10+ years you'll apprecriate the choice. Also if going inside I like the safety of the plastic liners between the saucer and the pot to save the floors.

    The saucer should equal in diameter or the same size as the pot across the top, which on standard size terra cotta should equal the normal planting depth, which I have heard should equal the height of the plant being planted.

    Here's them new bay plant getting acclimated in his new pot. He said he likes it, its roomy and not cluttered.

    I watered it, and only filled the pot shallow with potty soil so it could settle. I'll come back add some more after a rain then top dress. But not all the way to the fill line, I am planning on this tree growing a few years so I'll need that wiggle room later. In a few days, I will try scrubbing those leaves a little better. Roots were nice but not as extensive as I am used to with other plants. But I don't remember planting a tree in a pot.

    Now that other pot.......

    I am thinking some herbs, but most definately some of these transplanted!

    Oh yeah...... and the bay is happy happy in his nice large clean home. We will discuss the lease agreement this next week some time after he has time to sink some roots into his new community.

    Oh I have two bonus questions.........

    First what is this? Its driven by a PTO and has a three point hook up. Its very useful when gardening/farming in south Louisiana

    Secondly, this is an old washing machine, there is two of them, why would there be bars across the opening?

    Ooops.... I forgot. One last picture. I made sure to oil the caster wheels and the stainless steel bearings. You most definately want to look and see if you can find coasters which have one or two casters that lock down. Not good when they start moving around on their own.

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    Foam, if you wrote a book I would buy it and gift it to all my friends at Christmas. I can't wait to settle down and get a garden. My herbs have to get harvested and frozen before the movers come every couple years.

    Fresh bay leaf? Wow, I've never even thought that existed! It is about time to pot some herbs so I'll follow your steps!

    Bonus question SWAG:
    1) What is Brush hog Kevin?
    2) what is used to wring clothes Kevin?
  5. bauchjw

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    Question 2: or to keep kids from climbing in before auto shut off safety feature.
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    I think you misunderstood your lady friends.  They were suggesting you get some BayRum!  Badda Dump De Dump! 

    I wouldn't  set that thing too close to your cayenne... It might catch fire.  Second Badda Dump De Dump! 


  7. bauchjw

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    Wise guy eh?
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    1. Much tuffer than a bush hog. Its a ditch drain opened. Its to cut a drain perpendicular to the rows across them all to a ditch. Its a wild bouncy tractor ride, but boy is it better than opening twice a month after all the rains.

    2. The bars are to hang the sausage. Pop won a bet, (he always did), that he could smoke 50 pounds of sausage in a washing machine in 4 hours. He striped and used two washing machines. LOL

    Kinda thinking about starting a safrassas tree in that other pot, but I would have to really work it like a bonsai. Bay can get up to 70 free, safrassas can get up to 120ft.  But I'd have my own filee, tea, and root beer free. LOL  The filee would be worth it.

    See all the little old men around here which some day I will become, have "Their thing"  If I want fermented grain products I know who to visit, if I want beautiful green onions year round another, or maybe strawberries, or fresh catfish, etc etc etc...You might have to bring a six pack and help drink it, a bottle of fruit juice or some fermented grain. Like I said, some day I may live to earn old man status. Hell, Pop is almost 92, he said he has a few years to go still to reach it.
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    They are back behind the barn because someone made a joke about keeping his grandbabys in it, 'cause he was too cheap to buy a playpen.....ROFLMAO
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    Bay Rum, but I drinked it!

    I have always been told if you plant your hot peppers between your tomato plants to can taste it in the tomatoes. Never tried it, but got that from more than a couple a sources.
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    Looks like you'll be set for a while Foam, it looks great !
  12. foamheart

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    We all seem to forget that we didn't require the grocery stores until the last century.

    Most regionally available spices dictated the tastes of that area because they grew there.

    Filee for gumbo, You restock the seeds from your harvest then you started canning.

    That freezer door is full of jars, pill bottles, ziploc's, and envelopes of all the most precious varieties. Those varieties you don't share with the neighbors. The ones that give the best production of the largest produces with the best taste. 

    You just gotta be country to understand....LOL  Who has the biggest best strawberries.... why? Because they went out at night when no one saw and spread chicken shit in the rows....LOL Or a special years growth of a type corn that grew huge and sweet, but the next year when everyone bought their seeds they all failed..LOL

    It's a little old farmer thing..... They would sit at the bar in the evenings laughing at each other but never giving those secrets away.

    BTW I could use that door space, but I know better.
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    Well said Kev. My Mamma would share seeds to the locals. But kept the good ones... The "family seeds" to herself. I know she kept  special strains that were generations old. And once again you're correct. Many times they out produced others. She'd brag about  her black eyed peas. Probably from the same seeds my great grandfather planted. I think they tasted better too!

     Unfortunately when she passed I had no idea about the golden history kept in her deep freeze.  Too young and stupid. They were all throw out... 

     Looks like you've got some real gems in that freezer. 
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    I agree with ya Foam, I used to help my grandpa in his garden ! He always produced the best stuff, everyone would ask him how he did it & he'd just kinda chuckle but wouldn't say ! I sure enjoyed them days helping him but sadly I didn't get one of the green thumbs in the family... I can't really grow anything but morning glory ! LOL
  15. bdskelly

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    I just ordered mine.  Who's taking bets that it will be dead by July? b
  16. foamheart

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    Listen guys, I went to college in Marine biology and minored in Botany.  Ended up in Wildlife Mgt. Yes, it is a real degree~!

    BUT.... there is no such thing as a green thumb. It has to do with you, yes you. Its when you take the time to slow down and care about the plants but mostly ignore them. Too much care kills more plants than no care. Plants are wild they have survived almost everything we have done to try and kill them. How hard can it be, feed 'em once or twice a year if you remember. Water if there is a drought. Protect from violent weather if possible. If they last long enough they will take care of them selves. 

    Now I have been thinking about how I could plant some black pepper and black mustard. Only problem is they are totally invasive. I have blackberry vines still growing I can't get rid of, I have posioned, burned, cut, even sterlized and they just keep coming back for more each year. I probably wouldn't be trying so hard if they would give up some berries for a change..>LOL
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    You actually got a degree for fishing and growing pot? Louisiana was such a progressive state waaaaay back then. Points to you my best internet friend. b
  18. foamheart

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    You forgot about the hunting too!
  19. Hi!
    I read the information on that bay leaf tree but it didn't say anything about climates, the wife buys several hundred dollars worth of plants every year that have to be thrown out in the fall and replaced in the spring because of the extreme cold here in Minnesota. Will the bay leaf tree servive Minnesota winter?
  20. Nice Post Kevin, Love all the back and forth with Brian. When we lived in Longview I had a friend who had a Sassafras tree kept me in fresh filet'

    We use to go a lot of stuff in pots mostly wife's flowers now.


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