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May 30, 2022
Hi everyone, for a few years now, barbecue time has become a real ritual for me. Until now, I've always used a classic entry level LotusGril barbecue, about 100$.
I would like to take the next step by purchasing a higher quality product.
Online I found this list that groups some Weber barbecues with same price range, would anyone recommend me the best one?
Another question: I would like to prepare a nice steak of about 1.7kg in the future, do you have any advice on how and how much I should cook it?
I've never prepared such a big steak. Thanks!
Get the grill first, worry about the steak once you have it. The weber kettles are essentially all the same, bells and whistles are the difference. The hinged lid, the side charcoal baskets and the chimney starter are all nice to have, chimney is a must in my opinion for ease of use. I don't have a hinged lid and can live with out it. Weber kettles are pricey here, and looks that way in Italy also. Choose the one with the options you want.
First off, I see you've been around for a couple of months so WELCOME, glad you're here. The Weber is a great grill that will do so much for you and as already stated, the differences are in the accessories.

There are many variables that go into cooking any steak such as preferred doneness, seasoning, cut of steak, etc. so my advice is to get the grill and cook something simple on it before tackling a big steak. I'd suggest something like hamburgers and get comfortable with the grill and see how much fuel you'll need. Sometimes it's just small steps that will get you to your destination and we're always here to help, just ask...
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Welcome to the smoke show! And yes get a Kettle first then you can mod to your liking for what you are cooking. Like amounts of fuel, season etc. also keep a bbq journal, trust me a ton of us have them. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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