BAMAFAN's weekend fun

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Mar 22, 2008
So Tim came over this weekend to do some hunting. With gun season opening on Saturday he came over Friday and I promptly put him to work
 we went and got a trencher and ran a couple cat 5 cables about 300' and used one for a new phone line then used the other to for Internet service back to the cookshed. Tim worked late and got it about done since Saturday was opening day and they forecasted rain. He got up and went and hunted in my little shooting house on my biggest food plot but only saw some does he came back then the rain started. One of the neighbors was having their Christmas Party that night so we made up a couple triple batches of Dutch's beans and took them over there to smoke as our donation to the event we had taken my Lang over on Friday. When we got back I put him to work hanging a new TV in the cook shed and running the cable to the sat. dish. It was windy with rain on and off so we worked late afternoon trying to get the TV finished and Tim didn't hunt the afternoon. We went to the neighbor's party ate and had a nice visit before coming back here and chilling awhile. About the time to get some sleep I messed up my wireless router and kept Tim up late fixing it. Finally this morning the weather cleared a bit and Tim headed back to the same spot it was a bit windy but eventually we heard the shot. After a little search here's what we found

Congrats and thanks for all the help
Nice looking buck.

After all that work I think he deserved it. Thumbs Up
If the girls don't eat them up before then. maybe we can get a little extra during doe season. Jerry has messed up letting me come over!
Was a ice buck. I looked at my old tags from South Dakota and it's been 20 years since I pulled the trigger. Was a little shakey. If your not no reason to hunt! Fat little turd. Will make some fine burger and sausage
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