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    I am a beginer smoker and want to get good. I have a char broil verticle smoker with a side firebox. My first try at using it almost had me selling it as it took forever to smoke my ribs and using wood and charcoal had me thinking that I should convert to propane. i would love to get advice on how to use it.

    I am a New Car Internet Manager for BMW, Cadillac and Mini Cooper in Arlington Tx home of the Dallas Cowboys. I love to grill and want to be just as good in smoking.

    Please Help

    Be Blessed

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  3. Patience Grasshopper.  Hit the Roll Call, then sign up for the free smoking e-course offered here, check out the Forum Nav., there are many ideas and recipes there, buy Jeff''s Recipes, then bring a towel to soak up the drool when you check out the Q-views these folks show.  I still haven't mastered that part yet but will be before I get much older. This is a great site for everything you want to know about smoking meat.  Don't forget to buy an Amaze-n-smoker, it will change your whole life.
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    Glad you're here Striker

    The only way you're going to get good is read the threads posted by the pro's on this site, and get some face time with your smoker.

    If you hang around SMF very long, it will cut your learning curve in ½

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    Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.
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    [​IMG]   Glad to have you with us!
  7. [​IMG] You can learn so much here. Great folks who can really cook. With a name like ballstriker I hope you're not a girl. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF, Glad to have you with us.

    This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

    Many of our members have years of experience in smoking meat.  They are more than happy helping Newbies learn the art.

    We have members who cure there own Bacon, Hams, Jerky, Snack Sticks, Make Their own Sausage, etc. if you want to learn,
    this is the place. 

    Don't be afraid to ask questions of them and follow their advice. You won't be sorry, you will be making great Q in no time at all...

    Just remember, when curing your own meats follow the instructions included with the cure to the letter, this is not something to experiment with.  

    Never use more cure no mater if it is Tender Quick or Cure #1 or Cure #2 than the manufacturer says to use, this can be very dangerous.

    Tender Quick and Cure#1 or Cure #2 are not interchangeable, neither Cure #1 interchangeable with Cure #2 or vise versa

    Sign up for Jeff's 5-Day eCourse.   Click Here

    Tips For New Members.
    1. Go into your profile and Under Location put where you are.
    2. City & State or Area & State will do. This will help members when answering your questions.
    3. Go to ROLL CALL thread and tell us a little about Yourself (A Name We Can Call You) and Experience & Equipment.
    4. Do Not Post  your other questions and smokes in the Roll Call Forum.
    5. Post your questions and smokes in the Proper Forum, Beef, Pork, Sausage, Electric Smoker, Charcoal Smoker etc.
    6. Use the Wiki Section, many of our members have posted great tutorials and instructional threads so take advantage of them.
    7. When you can't find an answer ask plenty of questions, we have some highly experienced members willing to help you.
    8. When posting about your smokes be sure to post plenty of Qview (Pictures) Our Moto, "No Pics, Didn't Happen".
    9. Get a good Probe Thermometer, Don't Depend on the Built in Thermometer in your Smoker (They are notorious for being off).
    10. A good choice for a remote dual probe thermometer is the Maverick ET-732
    11. Remember, We Always Cook by Temperature and NOT BY TIME...
    12. Don't Take Chances, Always Follow USDA Safety Guidelines When Handling Meat.

    13. If you are wanting to get into curing meat, there are many members here more than happy to help and give good advice.

    14. If you are unsure of a procedure ASK, don't ASSUME, It will make your Smoking experience much more pleasant...
  9. you ask me how to do ribs well this is how i do it get a big Pyrex pan put your ribs in it lightly salt you can pour 1/8-1/4 cup of water (not reqiuerd) now cook for 2-3 hours at 220 deg.or until the bones pull off the meat with ease. you can do that in the smoker or in the oven now with a good stable fire at 220 degs.set the meat in the smoker for an hour or 2 until almost done about 20 minutes before removing the ribs slather in sauce of your choice let cool and serve.  It all takes time so you and your friends have a lot of time to drink beer.

    a good sauce 2-3 tablespoons grated garlic 3-4 table spoons  soy sauce 3-4 table spoons catchup 1 table spoon red or cyane pepper 1 teaspoon lemon jucie 3 table spoons brown sugar 1/2 teaspoon black pepper  and 1/4 teaspoon salt this is a very basic starter sauce adjust to your taste   most important thing in smoking start early give allow more time than you need no hurry no stress and if it's not fun your doing it wrong

    you can also add pineapple or bits of bacon if you think it may taste good try it a little honey will make it shine and add flavor

  10. No such thing as a fast smoking session. Its a hurry up and wait kinda hobby. As far as the smoker gos don't give up just yet. Do some research on improving your technique and possibly doing some simple modifications to your smoker. There are some things you can do to make a stock smoker work much better. I turn out some awesome food with a forty dollar brinkman aka El Cheapo Brinkmann. I take it your a golfer so I like ya already.

    Welcome to the smoke filled room

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    Welcome to SMF  I am glad you joint us

    You are in the right place the folks here are help full and knowledgeable

    Don’t forget the Qview          
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Like Raptor said take some time to do some reading and learn how your smoker runs. Use the search bar to look for "Char-griller mods", it is the same basic smoker and a lot of the mods will apply to your smoker. Make the mods - they are cheap and easy to do and turn your smoker from a mediocre smoker to a good one.

    Smoking is not a mystery, but it does take patience. The mantra is low & slow, most of us are cooking between 200° and 250°, and a short smoke is anything under 10 hrs., long smokes can go up to 20 hrs.

    Once you have made some mods and gotten some accurate thermometers the do a search for "3-2-1 ribs". This is a very simple method for new folks (and seasoned professionals) use to produce some tastey smoke ribs (nothing boiled in water and tasteless [​IMG]). Each number refers to a specific number of hours at each step of the process:
    • "3" - for the first three hours smoke your ribs on the grates at 220°-250°. After three hours you should see approx. 1/4" of the end of the bone sticking out of the meat - that's called pull back.
    • "2" - take the ribs and wrap them in some heavy foil with just a very small amount of liquid 1/4 cup or less (apple juice, beer, something with flavor). Once they are foiled put them back in your smoker for 2 more hours with the same temp.
    • "1" - Open the foil and take the ribs out and put them back in the smoker unfoiled. Hit them with some sauce and let them cook for one last hour.
    .... and that is your basic 3-2-1 method. Now keep in mind this is a general guideline, most folks change the "2" to something closer to "1.5", because a full two hours on the second step will have the ribs almost falling apart when you go to put them back on the smoker for the third step. So adjust the second step time to get differant consistancy of the finished product. The third step is not only time to put a sauce on, but it also helps to firm the ribs back up after the second step.

    3-2-1 is used on spare ribs, for baby back ribs change it to 2-2-1.

    Don't give up and remember smoking is a slow process, every time you open your smoker you let heat out and make take longer - no peaking! Take a deap breath, relax, grab a beer and enjoy a nice melow day smoking something good! [​IMG]
  13. i for got to tell you to cover the whole thing in foil for the first stage sorry

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