Bacon....Sushi with Q

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Mar 12, 2009

Man you are making it hard on me and my smiley face that I always use. I was just wondering if you folks knew what 28lbs of sliced bacon looked like????? So here what it looks like.


Now there are 3 different kinds and 2 different cures that I used on theses bellies, sides, & butts.


Here's all 3 types.


This is the normal bellie bacon but with a tender quick and tornado sugar cure.


Now this is a new cut that I tried. I went to a new butcher and he only carried sides pf pork instead of bellies. They were about 15cents a pound cheaper so I gave it a shot. I'm always trying new stuff so I cured this one with some new Legg's brand bacon cure with tornado added too.


So then I de-boned a pork butt for some buckboard bacon. This one is also cured with tenderquick and some tornado sugar added as well.


Then I was asked if I wanted to supply some finger food for the wife's church dinner for something. So I was thinking what can I do and they have all heard of the Redneck Sushi but I haven't made it for them. So into the freezer I go and I saw some Italian (homemade) sausage.  I  always have celery, green onions,and some sort of peppers and then some chunk cheese and then topped with some of my homemade BBQ sauces.


It's easy to make. All you need is some Nori paper (seaweed) and then slice your veg into long strips and then layout your nori and cover with a thin layer of sticky (jasmine) rice. Then just lay your veg and meat and roll it all up. Then slice into pieces that are all the same thickness and there you go SUSHI with a different twist. Now the biggest problem I have with this dish is it looks so much like real (raw fish) sushi that most folks run from it. So I'm constantly telling the people that it's not fish it's all cooked and it in this case sausage and other COOKED stuff.

So thanks for enjoying my thread and food. Then just remember to try new things all the time it won't hurt and sometimes you will really like the new and different dishes.

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Dang Mark,

We make sushi all the time. Mostly California rolls, but we use lox a lot also. I like raw tuna, but most people won't eat raw fish. We also make it with the rice on the outside. It's just as easy & I think it tastes better. I'm going to have to make the redneck sushi next time. Thanks for the idea.

I just fixed it and Photobucket deletes photos after a time but not normally in the same day.
Dang Mark!

That all looks Great!!!

It sure doesn't look like 28 pounds (must be double or triple stacked), but I would hate to pick which I like the best, by looking at it---Wow!------Really Nice !!!!

Those "Side Bacon" slices look like "Belly Bacon" in size & shape, but they are as lean as BBB.

I love it all, but you all know I can't help myself!!!

Thanks Mark,


Yea bear the side is alittle leaner then the bellies. I saved alittle money and it taste great like the other bellie bacon does.
Hey Mark the meat looks wonderful!! ( But you can keep the sushi bro) what is this   "sides pf pork " that you bought? looks good.

looks like a butt cut. but I don't know.
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