Bacon Mat!

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Original poster
Apr 20, 2007
I may have put this in the wrong forum,Sorry!
I found this on a cooking blog, thought you could use it over a Fatty or anything you may want to help keep moist! You just weave bacon together in a mat! Good for the WOW factor at your next BBQ!
Thought I'd share!!!
jayfish, thats a great idea.
I could eat bacon every day. When I do a smoke on my wood fired smoker, I throw a few #'s of bacon down on the cool end, it doesn't cook, just gets smoked. What a treat.
Very cool Jay! I think this is the right place. Heck when you talk bacon anywhere on this forum is the right place.

Now that would make a great bacon and egg sandwich!

But Doc I only eat one piece of bacon a day ....

That might be something my wife would put between two pieces of French toast!
Now that's the way to do bacon for a BLT or heck-even a bacon cheeseburger so you don't have the bacon falling off!! Thanks for sharing RoadHog!!
I wouldn't even know where to begin weaving that. It's a great idea, I guess I just have tolearn how to do it. It would be great for cheese bugers. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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