Backwoods Clone I just finished Up!!!!

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Feb 6, 2013
Decherd, TN
Here is the BEAST I just finished building.  Waiting on gaskets to get here and I will be firing her up.  It is a clone of a Backwoods.  Just alot bigger.  Cook chamber is 42" tall 24" deep and 34" wide. Has 51 square feet of cooking grid if all 9 racks are used.  The racks are 4" apart so it will work great for ribs, chicken wings, or briskets.  If I am doing Butts I will need to remove every other rack.  Will be powered by a CyberQ with a 25cfm Pit bull fan.  Charcoal basket is 36" x 24" x 5" deep. Welded in Minion Divider made of 3/8" thick steel 5" tall.  Got to paint it tomorrow.  Also waiting on my Tel-Tru thermometer. I used 1 1/2" Mineral wool super dense insulation.  Fire box is 1/4" steel. Bottom of water pan is 1/4" steel. Internal sides are 1/8" steel.  All outside skins are 16 gauge steel.

Yea it is insulated with 1 1/2" super dense mineral wool insulation. It will be painted and a wrap put on it with our logo and stuff. Should be "sexy"!!
Wow!  That thing's a beast!  Ya got skills, brother!   

Lookin' forward to seeing the final pics and seeing it in action...

So, the bottom drawer is for ice cream, Nutty Buddies and shrimp?  That's a great idea!  I LOVE Nutty Buddies!   

WOW!         THAT RIG

I'm in!  I can't wait to see this rig finished.  I can't wait to see the wrap!  From the little bit of the sign I can see, I like your sign guy's style.  I like the old fashioned looking stuff.
Got the fiberglass tadpole gaskets put on today.  Gonna fire it up Saturday and see what it will do!!!
Nice job. I built mine similar to a pitmaker vault. But larger and heavier. 3/16" interior and 1/8" outside. 2"insulation all around. It holds the heat very well. Temps between my tel-tru and my maverick are only 3 - 5 degrees different. I'm sure yours will also be close. Again, nice build.
Very impressive, my fire box and high heat areas are 1/8" and angle iron frame. 16 gauge guts with 3.5" of 2500 degree thermafiber wrapped with aluminum. I can run 13 hrs on 17 lbs of lump @ 225. In the middle I'm dead on 225 front and back with maverick and a mypin temp control. From top to bottom I have 20 degrees difference. I'm so happy with the performance of this thing. First comp is 3 weeks away can't wait. Your smoker looks great like the color. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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