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  1. Would like to smoke some baby back ribs tomorrow....wife's request and I have dine them in the oven before but never on mes. I want them falling off the bone like I normally long...what temp...foil tray??? Please advise!
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    250. 2 hours in the smoker, 1 hour wrapped in foil, then one more hour in the smoke. Check for tenderness with a tooth pick. But they may be falling off the bone by the time they get out of the foil.
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  3. Wait are you saying only 2 hours total or 4 hours....2 hours at 250..then 2 hours wrapped in foil? When I do in oven it is at least 3 to 4 hours at a higher temp? Thank you for input!
  4. Hello and Welcome to our addiction.  Many good folk here with a load of experience that they are more than willing to share.  If you have specific questions just start a thread and someone with experience will be along soon to offer advice.  All info you can provide us with such as smoker type, location and so on will help us answer any questions you may have, and pictures help a bunch.  Spend some time doing some research on the forums, tons of advice and recipes already available there.  Check out Jeff’s 5 day smoking E-Course ( link below ) that will help you get started.  We look forward to your contributions.  Have fun.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


    2 hours at 250 in the smoker then wrap in foil and back in smoker for 2 hours then unwrap and back in smoker for 1 hour at 250.
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    2-2-1 is correct for baby backs as far as smoker temp go with 225

    Rub them and on the grate for 2 hours tale them out and wrap in foil add a little apple juice or some kind of liquid then seal the foil tight then back onto the grate for 2 hours then carefully take them out of the foil and back onto the grate for 1 hour.

    Another thing that works great for a foiling mixture is honey, squeeze butter, and a little brown sugar.

    I usually serve the sauce warmed on the side but on occasion baste the ribs with sauce if you want to do that do it the last 30-45 minutes as most sauces are high in sugar content and tend to burn so doing it the last part of the smoke gives less time and usually it won't burn.

    Have a great smoke and don't forget the qview
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    As the other guys said, that's should have been 2-2-1. Just a typo
  7. Thanks guys! Will get this started it is my birthday today!:sausage:
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  8. Well Happy birthday and welcome to the group. The 2-2-1 method works great and the butter, honey and brown sugar does wonders. You can also put a line of your favorite BBQ about an inch wide down the middle and wrap in foil. I have done apple juice honey and a little cinnamon in the foil. then brushed some on as a glaze in the last hour back in.
  9. Hello and welcome to SMF, sounds like you got a lot of great advice. Be sure and post pictures and let us know how they turned out

    Gary S
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys. Ended up a 3.5, 2.5 method. I did 3.5 hours on the rack in the mes at 250. Then did 2.5 in a foil tray covered in foil for about 2.25 hours. Did a dry rub to start then, when did the foil add some favorite bbq sauce. Normally make my own bbq sauce but was too busy making other stuff. Made Brussel sprouts with garlic cloves...throw it in a pan char it first then bring heat down for a slow cook. You end up with great charred flavor yet very soft to eat. Also I smoked corn on the cob in the smoker. When done cut it off the cob and combined it with carmelized opinions. lighten the pallet I grilled shrimp, with lemon juice on top. This all came together great and it was all awesome. Proud of my work and the wife loved it. Thanks for the help and advice on the ribs!

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