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Master of the Pit
Original poster
OTBS Member
Nov 22, 2006
Haltom City Tx
Check out my new avatar I think its really cool, although its still the general look at what hes doing. Thanks to a good smoking friend the general has come to life. A great big thank you to Mr Up In Smoke for taking the time to liven up the general.
I noticed that earlier. Thought it was pretty sweet. Bulging out 'cause of all the food those girls can put down!

Sweet avatar Msmith.

I need to thank Tonto for finding mine. Happy Days are here again. I couldn't tell if it was Brad Pit or..........Al from Happy Days (don't know his name)

2 thumbs up from me Msmith. I can't wait to see what your better half comes up with.
Very cool Marvin, brings the General to "Life"

Big Al....it was my pleasure, I think it suits you much more than the koolaid kid
its funny how the avatars put an unrealistic personality to the person,

its funny my wife tells me that my avatar matches my personality to a T. the only thing i would like to do is get some movement in my avatar like some of you guys do. how do you do that?
Now that last part is funny stuff!!LOL....... I argree with cajun... can't go wrong with crosby, stills and nash

Big Al- love ya whatever your avatar looks like!!!
I liked AL from Happy Days, kids thought it was stupid and they like the kool-aid kid. They win over all. Wife also liked AL, but as we all know..........kids win any day.

Thanks Tonto, I appreciate the help on finding "AL", but gonna have to stick to the kool aid kid. It was that or sponge Bob.

Kool-Aid and vodka sounds pretty good now anyway. :)
I am deeply wouned Big AL...all that hard work and nary a piont for poor tonto
All kidding aside I really do like the cool-aid and vodka kid!!!
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