Authentic German Rouladens (Pics)

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Fantastic job Robert! I can get thin cut bottom round up here that is perfect for this. FYI. German gherkins are a cross between a dill and sweet pickle. Milder then our dills.
The kitchen here smells great. It was quite the coincidence that we are making this today!
Well, you did it again, Robert!
My namesake ancestors came over from the Black Forest/ Switzerland area back in the 1820s.
My great grandparents house always smelled like cabbage LOL!
I'm pretty much an American mutt now but have always loved German foods. Sadly there aren't many German restaurants
around here (I think maybe two in the whole metropolitan area).
I had never heard of Rouladen, but there are a lot of things I've never heard of and when I've found a real German restaurant I always ended up with
Weisswurst or Schnitzel, and always with Red Kraut and Spaetzle.
Keep 'em coming!
Phenomenal my friend, that is one dish I’d not heard of til now… but can see how that could definitely be a favorite! Sorry your last trip to that restaurant was a disappointment… that being said, looks as if you’ve dialed it in! Well done buddy!
Even what you call "could have been better" looks pretty exceptional to me!

Thanks Jim. It looked good and it tasted very good, just sayin' it could be better now that I know the pitfalls.

And you know me I also love gravy, and that looks fantastic. Whole plate top notch

Yes sir...gravy was amazing. The flavor that came from deglazing the pan was insanely good.

Thank you again ( I see a carousel ride in your future )

Very much appreciate it but that's highly doubtful.

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Man that looks good!

Thank you Brian!!

Looks great. This was one of the regular staples growing up Dutch!

I'd never had it until about 15 years ago when we stopped in Fredericksburg TX for lunch on a motorcycle ride. Saw it on the menu and there was no question what I was ordering.

It looks wonderful to me! HE HE HE... you had me at gravy but you knew that!

Yes sir, I kinda know that when there's gravy aboard you'll be there. I believe gravy was our first "bonding moment" in the forum :emoji_wink:

Looks fantastic to me Robert. I enjoy your write ups. Very nicely done.

Thanks so much I try to write the threads in a way that people will enjoy. I just have a tendency to get a bit lengthy with them sometimes.

Another excellent food journey you took us on Robert! The end results are phenomenal as usual. That cut shot is the magazine shot buddy.

Thanks so much Jeff. With all the amazing stuff you turn out that is a very high compliment my friend.

We go to a great German restaurant in Lake Ariel PA that smokes there Rouladen meat and it is a nice twist

Now that's a cool idea!! Appreciate the dialog and bit of history you shared. It's always interesting to hear about something that's inspired other members.

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Robert , that looks fantastic . Needs the pickle for sure in my opinion

Thanks so much Chop and I agree, it just woudn't be the same without the pickle.

Crushed that one! Perfect fall meal!!!!

Very much appreciate it JW. Thank you for the kind words.

Nice job! The Pickle can be strong. One of those Spears would've been plenty

Yes sir, but believe it or not, that was just one spear cut into thinner slices. Two of those thin slices would have been plenty for the larger of the two.

I'll tell you my friend, your's look just as good

Wow...that's a heck of a compliment sir. Truth be told, these were better in flavor than the ones I used to get. Reason being that I was able to season to my tastes versus eating what the chef may have thought I wanted.

Boy howdy does that dish ever look fantastic, Like! With that gravy and the taters that'd make for one delicious and satisfying meal, great piece of work Robert

Thank you Ray. this one was unbecause I got to take the time to create something special, different, and decadent. I'll be doing these again.

Oh, man....That dish look absolutely delicious!

Thanks so much.

Fantastic looking meal Robert

Very much appreciate it Jim. I had no idea what to expect going in but figured I could put something together that was gratifying.

Very nice cook! Everything looks great!

Thank you Dave. I appreciate it sir.

Well, you did it again, Robert!

Uh oh...that's scary. What did I do now?:emoji_astonished:

Phenomenal my friend, that is one dish I’d not heard of til now… but can see how that could definitely be a favorite! Sorry your last trip to that restaurant was a disappointment

Thanks so much Justin. To be honest, the restaurant experience may have been a disappointment but the final outcome was outstanding. Had it not been for a terrible meal I'd likely never have done this. now that I have it'll be done regularly.

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FYI. German gherkins are a cross between a dill and sweet pickle.

Thank you for the accolades Steve. I saw the gherkins in the article I posted for David and really like that idea. Still get the pickle but not nearly as flavor forward.

But I love Kartoffelkloesse , potato dumplings, with them.

I love pretty much any type of cabbage but these sound amazing. Guess what I'm going to look into now :emoji_wink:

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That looked so good I had to give it a try tonight, turned out great thanks for posting this!

Found a pic of the last time I made it, with biscuits, mashed tators, spätzle, red cabbage and gravy.
Looking good txsmoker. My back ground is czechoslovak. Am sure there are various forms of this as I also make it but with some changes. No potato but dumplings for me.and yes the gravy is the star in my opinion.
Looks good.

My wifes sister lives in Madgeburg Germany, Im going to ask her if they make this.
That’s one heck of a dish Robert, the rouladens look absolutely delicious! Not much traditional German food around here but this is something I would love to make someday soon.
Great looking meal Robert. Dang you just keep trying to earn another apron don't you. :emoji_laughing: I could for sure have a plate of that. Mom use to make sauerbraten with the ginger snap gravy.

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