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    Don't forget to clean the temp sensor!! Hope I didn't figure this out to late....

    In any case, I decided to attempt two briskets tonight (first packer cuts I've ever done). The MES warmed up fine, but the burner was working over time when I dropped 25 pounds of brisket into it, and never reaching temp (though the briskets reached 155 within 2 - 3 hours). At first I thought the MES was struggling because of the amount of food I had in it or maybe the food was blocking the temp sensor, but re-arranging didn't help and the internal temps were climbing fast. I kept lowering the temp from 225 to 210 to 190, but the MES still couldn't make it to the temp I set it and the internal temps on the brisket were still rising. So the light bulb in the old head goes off and I grab one of those green scrubing pads (damp), reach my arm between 2 grates (contact was unavoidable, but the pain was worth saving the briskets!!), and cleaned off the sensor. My MES is acting normal again [​IMG]

    I'm sharring this because I keep reading threads about people having issues with temps in the MES. If you're having temp issues, cleaning the sensor should probably be the first thing you try. And if you're not having issues, keep the sensor clean to prevent them from happening. I hope the briskets turn out alright.

    On another note, I ordered chunks from (sp?) and cut them down to fit in the wood loader. They seem to be doing a much better job than those stinking chips!! The smell is so much better and the smoke isn't billowing like it does when I use chips. Plus I'm not loading chips all the time, even when the burner was working overtime. Definitely worth a try.

    I guess I tried too many new things at one time...
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    Thanks for the heads up, have been having probs with temp readings. I will check the sensor.

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    Great info. to know.... I am not a MES owner but I have been thinking of getting one...So this is great info to know if I get one.......Thanks....Hope yours is ok....
  4. Hello,

    I have a quick question. I am seasoning my new MES right now, 275 @ about 3 hours and now with some wood for another 2 hours or so. I am taking the temp through the top hole by dangling in my temp probe that I use during cooking roasts turkeys etc. It seems to be reading a good 20 degrees higher than what the MES is reporting.

    Being a newbie, how can I recognize the temp sensor?
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    The temp at the vent could easily be higher than it is at the sensor -- especially when the unit doesn't have any meat or water in it to displace and absorb/redistribute the heat.

    The sensor on the 40" looks like a large nickel and is located on the left hand side of the back wall between the middle grates (just below the second from the top).
  6. Thanks for the info.

    Took a quick look and found the sensor on the back left. Didn't really notice it the first time.

    Did a batch of ribs last night, and the temp of the unit was +/- 5 degrees. So that was great.

    I am stoked and can't wait to load it up this weekend with pork butt!


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    folks like you Brew make this place what it is- I not a mes owner but I do use a hot plate in 1 of my ecb's-thanks for the heads up and doing your thing to help others.
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    Ditto the heads up thanks. I too am not an MES owner, but have recommended one to a friend based on input from this site. I'll be sure to pass this tip on to her (as well as watch the probes in my homebuilt).

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