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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokelesswonder, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. smokelesswonder

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    So I just ran out on lunch break and picked up a Pork Butt.  Came in right around 9.5#

    Question for all of you is, should I rub it down tonight and leave it in the fridge until I smoke tomorrow around noon (would love to start early AM, but have to work and need the PP ready for the guys early afternoon on Saturday), or would my best bet be to get up early and do the prep before I leave for the gym in the AM.  It would be rubbed in the fridge for 6.5ish hours that way.

    Or do I just not worry about any of that and rub it down as the smoker is getting up to temp?

    Thanks for any advice on this.  I am trying to research as much as I can before hand so I don't go and screw it up, so any advice or links to reading on the subject would be appreciated.  I really like to Geek out on this stuff and learn all I can before hand.  Thanks again!
  2. sauced

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    I give mine a light coating of yellow mustard, then apply the rub, wrap in plastic wrap into the fridge overnight. I take it out about an hour before it goes on smoker. Rule of thumb......1 to 1/2 hours per pound. Goal is to get that internal temp up to 200 - 205. It will hit the stall at around 165 or so. At that point, you can wrap it in foil, add a little apple juice, and back on smoker till she hits that 200 temp.
  3. smokelesswonder

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  4. sauced

    sauced Master of the Pit the 165 stage, pull it off, put it into a pan, add some apple juice and cover with foil. Put it into a 325 oven, won't get all that great bark.

    Or.....if you can, cook it the day before and when cool enough to handle, pull it and refridge it. Heat it back up next day, add some finishing sauce, a little bbq sauce and you will be good to go!
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  5. Personally I would choose to rub earlier rather than latter, and let the rub sit on the meat longer.  But its not a big issue, if its more convenient to do it the other way, then it'll be fine.
  6. lancep

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    There's no problem at all rubbing it tonight to smoke tomorrow. Lots of people do. It's basically what's most convenient to you and your schedule. Either way it will be fine, butt is very forgiving.
  7. smokelesswonder

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  8. smokelesswonder

    smokelesswonder Fire Starter

    I plan to use a finishing sauce. Would my best bet be to throw that on before i serve it or as im pulling? Any difference that would be noticeable?
  9. lancep

    lancep Master of the Pit

    Depends on the finishing sauce. I like a Lexington style sauce but use it very sparingly and usually only on re heat. With that type, it will be less noticeable while pulling than right before serving. I prefer to serve fresh shoulder nekkid with sauce on the side and sometimes a shake of rub, Memphis style. Whatever you go with will probably be awesome.
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    When I use a finishing sauce I put on after pulling, also not that much.

    Then serve as is with my homemade BBQ sauce on the side.

    Typically I just add back in the drippings that I catch while smoking. Then once again serve the BBQ sauce on the side.
  11. smokelesswonder

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    Made up a new box for the charcoal at work today! Should work well for this PP.

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